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5 vanilla homes of my Simply Improved series merged, as requested. Also includes Severin Manor (minor tweaks), and Abandoned Building in Raven Rock as Player Home.

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  • French
Simply Improved Vanilla Player Homes
No extra scripts, no extra assets at all, just some creative ingenuity, a lot of time, and patience.
Only affects the Player Home interiors, and some exterior changes around the homes.
Obviously it will look different in your game if you have ENB, texture or mesh replacers.

LE version here


Anna's Breezehome

Anna's Hjerim

Anna's Honeyside

Anna's Proudspire Manor

Anna's Vlindrel Hall

Merged Version under "Optional Files" also includes:
Severin Manor, Raven Rock (minor changes in basement)
Abandoned Building, Raven Rock, made into a Player home

More tweaks, adding more "no havok" scripts, separating more items from upgrade packages

ESL is not possible for the merged version, too many records :(
SSEEdit reports a deleted Navmesh in Breezehome, but it was done by HEARTHFIRES, not me.
Hjerim: Any problems with "Blood on the Ice" can be resolved by console. It's shitty and broken even in base game, and I'm DONE trying to make it work with my Hjerim makeover.
Proudspire Manor: I still need to finish fixing the back patio, but if you want to enjoy the interior fixes and updates, you can use this.
All homes starts compatible with LAL.

Main Files:
Separate ESL's of individual homes, updated from the Merged file.
Optionally, you can Download Merged File under "Optional Files", and overwrite the Main file individual(s).
If for some reason you can't use ESL, just remove the flag in SSEEdit.
Anna's Breezehome (also available on Anna's Breezehome page)
Anna's Honeyside (also available on Anna's Honeyside page)
Anna's Hjerim (also available on Anna's Hjerim page)
Anna's Proudspire Manor (also available on Anna's Proudspire Manor page)
Anna's Vlindrel Hall (also available on Anna's Vlindrel Hall page)