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Dawnguard or Thieves’ Guild theme player home in the Riften. Four bedrooms and is compatible with "HearthFire Multiple Adoption Mod". Home supports 4 children and 2 followers or up to 6 followers. This home provides Well Rested perk gain 10% more experience.

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Roland’s Manor is locked and you have to collect the key from a knapsack by the dead body found in the backyard. 

Roland’s Manor is a theme home for Dawnguard vampire hunter or a thief. This home provides Well Rested perk gain 10% more experience. If you move in a spouse, Lover’s comfort 15% more experience will be granted. Father's/Mother's Love bonus, 25% additional effect when using healing potions is granted when your adopted children stay in this home with you. 

Roland's Manor uses Bethesda linked containers to safely store all items. The following linked chest have two locations for drop off and pick up: weapons, armor, potions, ore raw food and cooked foods. 

Roland Manor has four bedrooms. Children's beds are located second floor and first floor, and are assigned to adopted children for a total of 4 kids. You need the "HearthFire Multiple Adoption mod" to adopt the children. The children's bed and chest will be labeled owned. 

 There is a guest room on the lower level for two followers. You need the "My Home is your home Mod" if you want followers to live here. Most followers do not have sleep packages. You will have to order them to sleep with a mod like "My Home is your home" allows the player to set eating time and sleep time Mod My Home is Your Home (MHiYH 2plus)

The buttons on the wall of each child's bedroom allows the owner to change it to a guest room for followers. Only the second and first floor give you this option. Master bedroom and lower level bed's are not changeable in this mod.

There is a merchant in the lower level. The bed in the merchant area is assigned to the merchant. The merchant has a sleep package, and can wander in the home, but doesn't have access to wander outside.

This manor includes many idle markers for children and other NPCs. It doesn't control any followers, children or spouses. The player still needs the mods to control spouse, family and followers. A list of these mods are provided below.

A custom spell has NPC followers remove armor when entering the bathing area or sleeping in the master bedroom. The spell to remove armor over the master bed can be toggled off if the player doesn't want it. 

Standard ingame Mannequins are NPC use the Mannequin AI Fix Mod to keep them fixed in one location. 

Use Multiple Floors Sandboxing Mod to get standard NPCs to move up and down steps on their own more freely. 

Use Hearthfire Display Case Fix Mod to correct  Skyrim's display case bug. 

The home provides plenty of room to display books, shields, and weapons. All your crafting needs are inside the home except the smelter which is located in the backyard. The shed should be able to provide shelter for horses. Inside the home there is custom displays for mask, claws, paragons, Elder Scrolls, Auriel Bow and Auriel Shield and a portal that can be used to travel to other holds.  

There are also items to interact with inside the home like a change appearance mirror, Throne Chair, Return Home Spell Tome, invisible furniture markers for praying, writing, relaxing and translating a book. The invisible markers will say things like worship, use pillow, use translate or use write. 

Finally, please bury Roland. Use the shovel by the door inside the home.

What the home includes:

30 weapon racks
6 shield plagues
16 weapon plaques
176 book display slots (4 Bookcases)
2 Winterhold College Book cases
3 large display cases
3 small display cases
6 mannequins
4 large Hearthfire trophy stands
2 small Hearthfire trophy stands
15 Hearthfire plant soils
All Dragon Priest Mask display busts
All Dragon Claw display
Elder Scrolls display holders
Paragon display holders
Black book display shelf
Auriel Bow display holder
Auriel Shield display holder
A portal that can be used to travel to other holds 

Recommended Mod:

Multiple Floors Sandboxing
Hearthfire display case fix
Mannequin AI Fix (Complements USLEEP)
Automatic Item Storage

Optional depending on your game style: 

Amazing Follower Tweaks 
My Home Is Your Home 
Spouses Can Live Everywhere
Custom Family Home
Hearthfire multiple adoptions

Enjoy the home. If you like it, give it a thumbs up. I don't ask for donations. A thumbs up will be taken to mean the mod was liked.

Finally, not compatible with other house mods in the same area. All house mods are stand alone mods and can interfere with each other. Use SSEEdit to check for mod conflicts.

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