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Remade aniversary version of my original Island Hobbit Home

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This is yet another remade version, of my popular original "Island Hobbit Home" first published here on the Nexus almost three years ago. Over time this version has emerged while tinkering with my favorite home as the one I personally use and now like to share with the community. The Main file is a redesigned "Lakehome" with a more stable interior, some added features and a slightly different layout from the original. The optional file is a version that relies on General Stores in the use and placement of the GS containers. (will be added as that mod becomes available for SSE)

Beautiful video provided by Absolute Aesthetic, please endorse.

This latest latest version is what I had envisioned form the very start and I hope you will like it. See the Changelog for a list of all changes, but in essence all changes are about the Exterior.

The lake surrounding Lakehome is now populated with Water Lilies and Cattails, there is a small waterfall added to the exterior and a small shrine on a nearby Island.  Enjoy. 


There are two main interior changes from the original: A separate Armory and new Alchemy lab.
All but one mannequin reside in the Armory and most of the weapon storage is on standing racks and chests. 
The Armory also contains a Mask display for all masks in the game including those from Dragonborn.
There also is a beautiful custom bow to be found in the Armory called "Hectahames Spirirt"

The pantry off the kitchen was changed to a fully featured alchemy lab in a style I believe is reminiscent of Morrowind.
There is a good number of custom planters (yes you can actually plant in them) and custom storage for ingredients and potions.

The Kitchen is roomy with a large table that features custom statics and food should no longer go flying :) There is a baking oven, a cooking spit by a fire place and lots of assigned storage; also comes with a bug jar display shelf.

The living room is more like a cozy library now with lots of bookcases and custom storage containers for scrolls and more books.
There also is a display table for all the Dragon claws in game, including the Amethyst claw from Dragonborn and also the Golden claw can be displayed should you chose not to turn it in or steal it back.
The connected entrance lobby has a few weapon racks and custom storage containers.

The master bedroom has a double bed (gives well rested perk) lots of storage chests, a fire place and a writing desk next to it with map displays. There is one mannequin and several weapon racks standing and hanging, also a bookcase.

The bathroom is more like a central lounge to the house, besides a large tub you can sit or float in, there is also a sauna; both have benches that give well rested perks and have undress scripts for the player but not followers. The enchanting station with storage is located here and a cot and benches to lounge around on. There is also a shower and the entrance to the Armory is off this room as well.

A second small bedroom provides two single beds and more storage for your followers and their gear or your personal loot.
I have no plans currently to make the house compatible for adopting children.

There are Shrines scattered throughout the house and lots of clutter and decoration, much of it custom.
All containers in the house are safe for storage and do not re-spawn with the exception of the following kitchen containers for: Milk, Eggs, Butter, Salt and Flour.

The exterior Features all the crafting stations under a pavilion and a a smelter off on its own, all with custom storage containers.
There is a garden with lots of harvestable plants that will regrow after the standard two week in game period.
There is a picnic table set for two, a small dock with a chair and some salmon added in the lake for harvest.
Out back is a small enclosure with a cow next to the garden and a fountain basin was added below the windows of the Armory.
The Hill was raised slightly compared to the original to account for the added Armory and I think looks better now; navmesh was completely redone.
The home is surrounded by wild flowers and mushrooms for harvest and enjoyment, there are also some beehives and bird nests tucked away and two beehives out front by the main entrance to provide some honey.

To create the Island I extended the lake into a dry river bed that already existed around a small Island and water extends now under the bridge along the southern road to Riften.

The home has a map marker once it is discovered; location is along the south road to Riften along Lake Honrich.

The revised version of this home was very much a collaborative effort between RefurbMadness and myself and all the credit goes to her for creating all of the custom meshes that serve as containers around the house, but also some decorative items like the table cloth outside.
The custom Alchemy lab was entirely designed by her, including the planters, with some input from me.

Standing out to me is the beautifully made custom bow "Hectahames Spirit" that she created on my request and I am especially grateful for.
I want to thank Refurb especially for her patience and willingness to work with my ideas; without her know-how I could not have realized many of them. 
Thanks also to Bethesda for a wonderful game and the tools to mod it.

The dragon mask stands and corresponding scripts come from Bert's Bits and Bobs by berticus0001.
The dragon claw display was assembled from markers from General Displays by tueffelachtein.
The bug jar display comes from General Stores by Harvey2112.

Install with a mod installer of your choice (NMM or MO recommended) by clicking the green install button and make sure the mod is activated in your load order.
Manual Installation: copy and paste the files into your Data folder (both the esp. and BSA files must be loaded and checked)

For both the "Classic" and "GS" version the DLC "Dragonborn" and Hearthfires" are required; the "GS" version also requires "General Stores" of course, follow the highlighted blue link to get it.

Any mod that alters the same location of course will conflict. Otherwise it should work with everything.

The original version had some issues with flying clutter and that should now be a thing of the past for the most part since we added allot of static clutter or replaced items with a static mesh that serves as a container.
The bug jar and claw displays may take some time to place objects, particularly on slower machines. Just be patient, and they will work!

Please report any issues and feedback is of course welcome as well. Unless there is a major problem this is probably the final version of this mod.

You may make changes to this mod for your personal use ONLY. Most of the custom resources RefurbMadness has already made available, see links below. The rest you will need to contact her directly for permissions. The custom bow was made exclusively for this mod, and Refurb kindly asks that It remain with this mod and that it not be published elsewhere.

Here are some mods that I recommend and were used in some of the screenshots:

Refurb's Resources : A compilation of most of the static meshes used in this mod for containers etc.

Refurb's Cherrywood Enchanting table : A super cool re-texture of the large and also table top enchanting tables.

Peltapalooza : Use this to get some very cozy and awesome looking pelts on your floor ;)

Sexy Whiterun
: This is if you like the wood textures to look like in some of the screenshots.

Sexy Riften : This is if you like the wood textures to look like in some of the screenshots.

Wooden Mannequins : Use this if you like a different look or gender for your mannequins. 

Tamriel Reloaded Trees : For those amazing red leaved trees around Lakehome and a general fantastic look!

Tamriel Reloaded Rocks : Because it rocks get it?

Tamriel Reloaded Flora : For nicer looking plants all around.