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Part 5 in my "Simply Improved" home series. Modest improvements of Hjerim, assets-free.

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Part 5 in my "Simply Improved" home series. Modest improvements of Hjerim, assets-free.
UPDATE: I am tweaking some stuff and will update both here and the Merged Version.
NEW Updated Hjerim in All-In-One Merged version mod page.

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This mod does 2 things:
1. Improves the house. Only the House in changed, however all things related to the quest (except the wardrobe) are removed, so probably best to install AFTER completing it, but that could use more testing. I can't complete that stupid broken quest so can't test it. The wardrobe cannot be removed b/c doing so creates a "dirty edit" and cleaning just put it back in.
2. Adds a "mysterious box" in the front room containing all "Blood on the Ice" quest items. Just take whatever you need/want for your playthrough.

Suggested Install:
1. Install both Blood on the Ice Redux SE and Hjerim After Blood on the Ice into your new game.
2. Do Blood on the Ice (if you want and actually can). I still had a problem, even with the above mods, at the end trying to kill Calixto. He was completely unkillable, just did bleedout and got back up fully healed and fought me again, and again... I had to setstage ms11 150 to advance it, then Disable/Enable him. Then I was able to complete it.
3. Talk to Jorlief, purchase the house, and the upgrade "Clean up that murderer's mess". You do not need to purchase the Kids' Room. That's all you need, my mod disconnects things from the packages and adds new stuff.
4. Install this mod.

- All cobwebs, mist, and scattered hay... gone! 
- Tons of new creative storage
 - Kids room AND study (or whatever that room is)
 - New HUGE hearth, plus a few smaller ones, to keep out that Windhelm CHILL.
 - New bathroom between master bedroom and Housecarl/Follower room.
 - 2 Follower beds in the Housecarl's room
 - Crafting areas redone: Enchanting, Alchemy, Staff Enchanting
 - New basement room for all smithing and storage
 - Improved kitchen with oven, bar, informal dining table and storage
 - Some random accents for both Nord and Dunmer occupants

- Obviously any mods that also change Hjerim... Make your choice! :-D

- Many things are misc. Havok meshes input as new Containers or Static items, with "No Havok" flags, but it's still possible to knock them down! Don't do this... you'll regret it. I don't know how else to fix this. DO NOT REPORT IT, unless you have some advice. Thanks.
- Yes I know there is smoke rising from the Smelter below. No way to fix it w/o creating a whole nother mesh, which would mean ASSETS.

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