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A lore-friendly, immersive, optimized, customizable, and highly compatible overhaul of the exterior and interiors of Jorrvaskr. This mod features bug fixes, a bath, additional beds, fountains, additional idles markers, a kitchen, a loft, a lounge, a guest quarter, planters, a walk-in closet, safe storage, mannequins, and weapon and shield displays.

Permissions and credits

Discover or rediscover Jorrvaskr with this mod. This mod will change Jorrvaskr into Yourvaskr and improve your gaming experience as a Companion. Most players who join the Companions will ditch Jorrvaskr once Breezehome becomes available. The vanilla Jorrvaskr is lacking in storage containers and display racks and plaques. The Harbinger's quarter is no better than a room at an inn. Jorrvaskr is not at all practical as a main player home. Becoming the Harbinger has no benefits or consequences other than having Companion members as followers. This mod will not only turn Jorrvaskr into a great player home and put it more on par with the the best modded player homes, but also allows the Harbinger to make decisions that have benefits and effects. Players who have just joined the Companions can now have their own bed, some safe storage, and even a place near the bed to hang their weapons. This mod was designed to blend in with the vanilla game without looking too modded. It was also designed with compatibility in mind so that you are not limited to using just this mod. The vast amount of features and customization will allow you to customize Jorrvaskr to your liking whether you prefer an more vanilla Jorrvaskr or a more feature rich Jorrvaskr. To customize Jorrvaskr, simple go to a "Decisions Board" or activator and use it to toggle any option on or off. All displays have been properly set up. Fast Entry and the Map Portal options will allow you to enter and exit the Living Quarters with less load doors. The Living Quarters is now more than doubled in size. The new guest quarter can accommodate an additional 16 NPCs without any children's beds or 18 NPCs with six children's beds. The optional loft can add six additional beds for NPCs to sleep in or 16 additional seats to relax in. The new lounge will give all NPCs an additional living space. The new areas are fully NavMeshed and have new idles for NPCs. To improve immersion, many of the added idle markers are customized. Instead of NPCs doing the same thing at the same spot over and over again, they may randomly read, write, browse, laugh, or drink. Many bugs that you noticed or didn't noticed in the vanilla game have been fixed. The lighting has been tweaked to give a flicker free experience with or without lighting mods. Some lights can be turn on and off or dimmed to help with this. Most of the enabled features can be disable using the Decisions Board that is in the cavern. Disable any feature that you don't want or that conflicts with other mods. Other features must be enabled using the Decisions Board in the Harbinger's bedroom. That board is only accessible after the changeover. With the Harbinger's Decisions Board, you can order a memorial fountain to be built for Kodlak and Skjor, build a tower to defend against dragons, or make changes to the Harbinger's room. This mod is clean, optimized, stable, and well made. The quality standard of this mod is as high as any mod available. This mod can be added or removed at any time. If you have already been to the living quarters before adding this mod, there may be a bunch of stuff on the floor. Simply think of this as someone having too much mead one night and making the mess. Tilma will clean it up within three days. Books and coin purses may take a bit longer. If you don't want to wait, use Sweeping Organizes Stuff, Jaxonz Positioner, or Tidy Up to put things back in their correct places. This mod doesn't use any external scripts or assets, so it can't be made to look as fancy as some other player home mods. It also must maintain a certain level of lore-friendliness, compatibility, and aesthetics. This limits what this mod can do. However in terms of functionality, it is as good as any mod out there. This mod will give Jorrvaskr some features that are only found in much larger player home mods. For those that want a fancier Jorrvaskr, many of the walls have been kept bare so that you can put up painting or decorations using the right mod. The "This Is Jorrvaskr - KASA" add-on will allow the Harbinger to turn the center room of the guest quarter into a kids room with 2-6 beds. When paired with Hearthfire multiple adoptions, you can adopt or move your family into Jorrvaskr. KASA will also allow you to sleep in the same bed as your Circle-member spouse. This Is Oarrvaskr will add fish plaques and fish tanks to the sub-basement. The "This Is Jorrvaskr - Bards" add-on will allow the Harbinger to recruit bards that will play instruments, sing, and trade general goods in the main hall. This Is Jorrvaskr - Tavern will add more NPCs and allow you to buy food and drinks. Overall, this mod will improve your experience as a Companion.

You do not have to join the Companions in order to use this mod. If you just want the visual enhancements, most non-Harbinger related options are available from the start. You can just go to the Cavern Decisions Board and enable the options that you want. Also, if you use a lot of follower mods, Jorrvaskr is now a great place for relocating your warrior type followers. It is centrally located in Skyrim and has 25 free beds at the start. You, yourself, can even stay there as a guest as long as you don't steal anything or cause any trouble.

Q & A: Read This If You Are Smart Or Want To Be Smart

There's a greater than 90% chance that the questions you have are already correctly answered here on the description page. If you are unfamiliar with spoiler tags, just click the Show button next to "Spoiler: " to get more info. If you find the length of this description page to be too overwhelming, open up all the spoiler tags and hit Ctrl+F to search the page for anything specific. Most of the time, you will get the answers to your questions quicker by reading this description page than by posting. This mod is very feature rich and very customizable. Most of the players who use this mod without reading the description page are unlikely to know how good this mod actually is or be able to fully use it. This mod is very high in quality. Any issue you are likely to have are either already covered in the Description page or is caused by user error or another mod. Use More Informative Console to determine which mod is actually causing the issue. If it is actually caused by this mod, post it in the Bugs section with enough information to actually diagnose the issue.

WHAT'S NEW: The tavern add-on is now available. The claim bed activators have changed. CoMAP options are now available in the optional files section. The mannequins in the main hall can now be toggle. The pool in the cavern can now be turned into a fish hatchery. An aquarium gallery can be added using Oarrvaskr Fish Aquarium (now with 2K and 4K textures). Everyone should update to version 2.221216 or later and update the necessary optional files.  A patch for JK's Jorrvaskr is available here.

Use Jorrvaskr Tavern And Hirelings To Turn Jorrvaskr Into An Actual Mead Hall


This mod is very feature rich and highly customizable. While most options are toggle with the Decisions Boards, some options are toggle with their own activators. Not all options are listed. Some are meant for you to discover on your own. To get the best possible Jorrvaskr, you NEED to read the list of features below and toggle on the options that you want. Use some common sense when toggling options. If two options don't work together, it's because they weren't meant to be enabled at the same time.



This mod requires only Skyrim SE/AE. The list below are requirements for the patches.



General Procedure For Installing All Mods
If you are adding any mod midplaythrough, make a "clean save" before enabling any plugin. Install the mod by adding the contents of the archive to the Data directory manually or with a mod manager. Sort the load order according to what is stated with the individual mod, add-on, or patch. Do NOT blindly rely on LOOT to sort your load order. LOOT does not always sort mods that aren't in its database correctly. Enable the mod and play. Below are more detailed instructions for each plugin.



If you are updating to v2.221230 from v2.221216, you just need to replace the esp file. If you are updating from v2.220115 or later, use method one.  Method two is recommended for everything else. Use a clean up mod to clean up the mess or stay away from Jorrvaskr for three days. If you get weapons or shields on the floor, exiting and re-entering the cell should fix it if you are using USSEP. Otherwise pick them up and put them back on the display yourself. Upgrading to version 2.221122 or later will cause a mess in a couple of places. You can stay away from Jorrvaskr for 72 game hours or use one of the clean up mods. If you are using any of the optional files, you should update to a version released on December 16, 2022 or later. If it didn't have a newer release, then an update wasn't needed.



Remove all items from containers, displays, bookshelves, mannequins, and anything left in the floor area added by this mod. Clear all planters. Set the Wuuthrad display to the locked position. Put on the lights by the sides of the doors to the group sleeping quarter. Restore the table on the north side of the group sleeping quarter. Dim the lights in the Harbinger's bedroom. Use the Harbinger's Decisions Board to remove the apiaries, Harbinger's planters, loft, and memorial. Use the Harbinger's Decisions Board to restore the Harbinger's bed, the Harbinger's bedroom, and Skjor's bed and chest. Use the Cavern Decisions Board to remove the Dibella fountain, main hall dining chairs, and pelt station. Depending on the extra plugins that you used and the decisions that you made, you may have to add or remove other items as well. Next, make a clean save by going to the Underforge or the Temple of Kynareth and saving. Now, you can remove the mod. Remove contents of the archive manually or with a mod manager. Some items may still need a cell reset to return to their correct position. You can sleep, wait, or stay away from Jorrvaskr for three days. Note that some changes made by this mod will persists even after its removal. For example, vanilla references that were altered to not respawn, will continue to not respawn.


This Is Jorrvaskr is design for maximum compatibility to avoid unnecessary patching. Currently, all patches (including patches by other modders) are optional except for the JKs Jorrvaskr - This Is Jorrvaskr patch, This Is Jorrvaskr - BOTN, and SoundsofSkyrimComplete - Trigger Patch. This means that if you follow the directions and have the correct load order, you do not need a patch. The patches are provided because they provide additional options. The following mods are compatible unless otherwise stated. Note that some features must be enabled or disabled using the Decisions Boards or other activators to maintain compatibility with some mods. Mods without load order specification mean that load order does not matter with these mods. Mods specifying a preference base load order mean that the mods can load before or after, but there will be visual or other differences. Note that the NavMesh changes in the main hall can be overwritten by other mods without consequence. The NavMesh in the basement will require a patch if the other mod needs to load after This Is Jorrvaskr. All mods on this list have been confirmed to be compatible to a certain extent. Note that while these mods are compatible with This Is Jorrvaskr, they may not be compatible with each other and will require a patch. Mods that are not on this list may still be compatible. They just have not been tested. This list and instructions will be updated as needed.



This section will answer most of your questions. Any question that you post will be answered here if it isn't answered here or in the other sections already. You do not need to read this section in order to use the mod, but it will help a lot. You can use CTRL+F to search this section if your looking for something specific. Reading this section can add a +10 to intelligence. (A +10 should be enough for most people to understand how the Endorsement button works, but may not be enough to understand how or why Rickrolling became a thing.)







Harvey2112 and Draco1122 for General Stores
Linthar for More Informative Console
LOOT Team for LOOT
Mark Fairchild for FallrimTools
MO2 Team for Mod Organizer 2
Nukem for SSE CreationKit Fixes
Rick Astley and Stock Aitken Waterman for Never Gonna Give You Up
SKSE Team for Skyrim Script Extender
TMPhoenix for Hearthfire multiple adoptions
Wrye Bash Team for Wrye Bash
xEdit team for SSEEdit

Bethesda for the game and Creation Kit

Also a thank you to the following 30 people for recognizing how good version one of the mod was and endorsing it:
9Zo9zO, alexei182, AlphaBlazeWolf, andreagaines, coreypikes, crfleo, DasPuter, diamondhead, DigitalCabbage, Ellierel, ganicustitan, Ghost2018, hinaisnew, infernalredpen, Kalr3nth, Mayuyu48, mjstee, msanders3434, naomis8329, NinjaYeti, optical34, OstrixTheOstrich, PiperCat1031, rick0307, Rosehla, SeanNaicker, Shahariel, Thiudareiks, Uchihamadara98765431, wazdah


Animated Mounted Casting (allows you to cast one-handed spells while on horseback and to dismiss your horse)
Ebony Armor Male Neck Fix SE (fix for neck gap and neck clipping in the male ebony armor)
Jorrvaskr Holidays (allows you to decorate Jorrvasker for the holidays)
Jorrvaskr Tavern And Hirelings (turns Jorrvaskr into a lively tavern and adds new NPCs to Jorrvaskr)
Jorrvaskr Trapdoor (adds trap doors between the main hall and living quarters)
Jorrvaskr Wuuthrad Display (allows weapons and shields to be mounted on the display)
Karthwasten The Silver Anvil (adds a blacksmith/inn)
Kolskeggr Miner's Hall (adds a blacksmith and more miners)
Kolskeggr Mining Hamlet (a great Kolskeggr settlement overhaul with services)
Morthal Where's Wares (adds a much needed general store)
Morthal Quartermaster (adds a blacksmith to the Guardhouse)
No Grassias (a universal grass mod fix that works well with Landscape Fixes and No Grass In Objects)
Oarrvaskr Fish Aquarium (Adds 2K-4K CC Fishing fish tanks and plaques to Breezehome and Jorrvaskr)
SICKM - Skyrim Interface Controller Keyboard Mouse
Skyforge Complete (adds missing blacksmith stations and a blacksmith sign)
SMIM Upper Furniture Fix (2K-4K texture fix for SMIM's mismatched upper furnitures)
This Is Jorrvaskr (a great and customizable Jorrvaskr overhaul, turns Jorrvaskr into an awesome player home)
Whiterun Watchtowers (minor improvements to Western Watchtower and Whitewatch Tower)


Patches and translations for This Is Jorrvaskr and add-ons have open permission. Jorrvaskr Holidays and Jorrvaskr Trapdoor have open permission. You can use Jorrvaskr Holidays and Jorrvaskr Trapdoor however you like as long as it isn't for profit or in violation of Bethesda's EULA.