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Modification of the classic Breezehome TNF mod by goatk. Better performance, different look.

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LE VERSION: Breezehome TNF - Trapdoors of Whiterun


This is my version of the classic Breezehome TNF - Hearthfire by goatk containing psychoslaphead's TNF Modified Player Homes Bath Area Undressing mod. Credit to both these mod authors for their awesome work.
NOTE: As long as you're using vanilla body textures or non-nude replacers, there's no nudity caused by this mod. Whether your followers sit in the bath in their underwear or birthday suit is completely in your hands. 

Breezehome TNF's a great mod - it's simple, looks good, provides the necessary extras to prevent constant trips to Dragonsreach or Adrianne's whilst still retaining the vanilla feel. But I didn't much care for that eyesore of a fire pit (imo) smack in the middle of my living room and wanted a fireplace instead. So I fired up the CK and made the necessary changes...and then proceeded to make a whole lot of unnecessary ones.

And as I was applying the finishing touches to the mod, I realized how often I visited the shops and other areas in Whiterun so I made a version which added a bunch of trapdoors with direct access to places like Belethor's, Arcadia's, Warmaidens, Skyforge, Dragonsreach, The Companions, Bannered Mare, etc. Why? Well, because I can and because one loading screen is more bearable than two. Yes, its nonsensical and unrealistic but in a world full of giant flying lizards and gravity defying horses, anything goes. But worry not, there's a no trapdoors version for anyone who doesn't want them..


More roomy, less obstructed living room.

Fireplace instead of the fire pit.

Oven & cooking pot near the dining area.

Extra room with 2 beds for followers instead when purchasing the alchemy lab upgrade. Since the new alchemy table's down in the smithing room, I didn't see the point in having a dedicated alchemy lab. You'll get the alchemy table along with the smithing stuff and enchanting table when you buy the loft upgrades. No changes made to the children's room.

Extended Lydia's room with an extra bed for another follower to rest his/her weary head.

Alchemy & enchanting table down in the smithing room because climbing up and down the narrow stairs to enchant every shiny new weapon I crafted or to brew some smithing/enchantment enhancing potions only to find Lydia blocking my path was rather annoying. Now you can test the weapons on her straight away. 

Extra weapon racks for displaying a few more of your WMDs.

Added a door to the amazing TNF bathroom for some privacy and changed the water color from aqua green to something I thought looked better (imo). And of course, no followers sitting in the bath wearing full armor/clothing ruining immersion thanks to psychoslaphead's undressing script. Like sensible people, they'll now strip down to their underwear (or birthday suit depending on your other mods) before entering the water. 

The trapdoors. Crafting or brewing something and need supplies? Now go straight to Belethor's or Arcadia's. Want to buy some spell books or soul gems for Farengar? Direct access to Dragonsreach. Tired after a hard day's work and need a drink? Pop up right behind Hulda in The Bannered Mare. Even trading with Ri'saad is just one loading screen away.

I have made a few other changes but they are mostly insignificant cosmetic changes not worth mentioning. 


Requires Hearthfire. Always backup your save(s) before installing any mod.

MO/Vortex/NMM - Download and install.
Manual - Download and extract the files to your Data folder. Seriously though, use a mod manager.

Just activate the mod and you're good to go. 

1 - Pick up all the items you want to keep and get every NPC out of Breezehome.
2 - Go to any other interior cell such as Warmaiden's or The Drunken Huntsman.
3 - Make a manual save and then quit the game.
4 - Install the mod.
5 - Load up the manual save you made, enter Breezehome and the mod should be working fine.  
6 - If not, reload the manual save you made in step 3, bring up the console, type "pcb", then "resetinterior whiterunbreezehome" and save the game.
7 - Enter Breezehome and check if everything's in order.

For more instructions or info regarding installing/upgrading/issues, just check the original mod's page (first link in my intro). Everything mentioned there applies here as well. Plus I have used this mod only on clean saves and haven't faced any issues with it so never needed to do anything extra to get it working besides installing it.


If you see smoke rising from the middle of the living room floor or chunks of the house disappearing when moving around, then you are using mods like ELFX/RLO or SPO without making them compatible with Breezehome mods.

ELFX (Enhanced Lights and FX) - Use the no Breezehome or no player homes esp.

RLO (Realistic Lighting Overhaul) - Unfortunately, the new RLO doesn't have a player homes patch. It has just the one main interior module so some SSEEdit tweaking is required but its rather straight forward. Load RLO interiors esp in TES5Edit, find WhiterunBreezehome in Cell/Block0/Sub-Block6, right click on Breezehome and click "Remove". This should remove RLO's edits for Breezehome but keep the rest of the mod intact. 

SPO (Skyrim Project Optimization) - Same procedure as RLO's. 

Incompatible with generally any mod that significantly alters Breezehome interiors.

Compatible with DynDOLOD.


The LE version has better performance compared to the original mod so its probably a similar story here as well. In any case, as long as you can run vanilla Breezehome fine, you shouldn't have any issues with this mod either. 


I originally made this mod just for personal use and didn't really plan on uploading it. There are about half a dozen great TNF versions already on the Nexus not to mention a million other cool house mods to choose from so doubt very many people are going to d/l this. But I decided to upload it anyway just in case someone was looking for a different take on the original mod or just a simple, lightweight, performance friendly Breezehome mod. If anyone finds this mod to his/her liking, that's good enough for me. And if you do like it, then kindly consider endorsing it. Also, if you come across any issues, do let me know. Thank you for looking at my mod. Peace.