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Large player Home/Castle with museum, armory, library, and follower quarters

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Valkyrja Castle Whiterun Player Home by JPitner and Stoaty6666

This home has been in the works for almost a year and a half, of course a break was taken for Fallout 4.  We wanted a home centered around a museum with plenty of space for displaying our spoils.  What started as small home near Solitude has grown into a huge castle near Whiterun’s Battle-Born Farm.
I have a few Valkyrja Outposts and one major home in Solitude that I have to convert/repair before uploading.

Some key features include:

•    Home is compatible with Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions by TMPhoenix
•    Display activators for almost all unique items that can be found in game
•    Display activators for vanilla weapons
•    Display activators for unique faction items. Note: Treasures acquired through Thieves Guild quests are automatically displayed so there is no need    to take them from the Thieves Guild headquarters.
•    Total of 79 mannequins
o    Main Home – 11 mannequins
o    Armory – 20 mannequins
o    Museum – 19 mannequins
o    Follower’s Quarters – 18 mannequins
o    Library - 11 mannequins
•    One exterior and three interior workshops
•    Three sturdy horses
•    Red and Black chainmail armor – male full set, female full set, female skimpy set and all are craftable
•    Two swords – craftable
•    3 custom textured Nordic bows – craftable
•    3 custom textured crossbow (plus enhanced versions) – craftable
•    Custom textured arrows and bolts for above bows and crossbows – craftable
•    Storage chest are linked between cells, drop something off in Light Armor container in Armory and pick it up in the Light Armor container in the Follower’s Quarters
•   5 Follower beds in main home and 6 in Follower Quarters
•   Beds, pools, and hot tubs have autostrip triggers - Player Room hot tub also has player autostrip.

And so much more

I will say that digging through CK for unique items opened my eyes to how many quests and side quests I have missed.  If you see an activator that you have no clue as to what it is, google it and you will find the associated quest and how to start it.  Gave me hours more on new gameplay.

Known issue – chest containers do not close after activation.  They will close when you activate them again.  Once I figure out how to fix this or find a static closed chest I will correct this.

Future plans:
•    Add displays with activators for vanilla head gear
•    Add vendors and trainers
•    Make versions of each Valkyrja home that share a common storage system that shares all containers between homes (Master file system already built and tested)

Just uploaded update 2.7 - see change log or posts for details.
*** You will notice some new furniture in the Player's bedroom.  I am using the Castle to test furniture I am using for Valkyrja Palace so just decided to leave it there. ***

Just uploaded update 2.5 (no 2.3 or 2.4) - see change log or posts for details.

**** Remove White Phial and Gallus's Journal before doing update!!!****
Just uploaded update 2.2 - see change log or posts for details.
Just uploaded a fix to the update - see change log or posts for details.

Valkyrja Castle Whiterun Update 2.0

Added LOD to most of the castle, now you can see it in the distance

Added guards and vendors

Added missing races to armor

Fixed problems with weapons

Fixed One-handed Weapons container in the small workshop located in the main part of the castle

Added crafting manual that needs to be in your possession to craft the armor and weapons, takes the clutter from your crafting menu.
NOTE: Crafting manual located on Armor Workbench in Armory

Fixed Daedric Dagger display not letting you have the dagger back.

Attempted a fix for the Gray Fox Bust moving around (havok)

Added displays for the following:

Ancient Travelers Skull
The Dreamstride
The four commentary books in the Mehrunes Razor Museum
Locket of Saint Jiub
Kolbjorn Barrow Skull
The four Ancient Falmer Tomes
Moth Priest Robe and Sandals
Aretino Family Heirloom
Pelagius' Hip Bone
Ysgrimmor's Soup Spoon
Dancer's Flute

Added some plants and ivy around the Follower's Quarters

Fixed 8 shield racks (back missing) in the Follower's Armory

Note: I performed this update without clearing out or uninstalling the old file with no loss of materials, weapons, or armor.  Your results may vary.

Italian translation by umberto74 has been uploaded.  If you have problems with textures or meshes
please let me know because this is the first time I have done a translation addition.

===> cortex56 has added a patch for
The Great Forest of Whiterun Hold that can be found at

My other Skyrim Special Edition Home(s):

Solitude's Redoran Manor
Valkyrja Outpost Riverwood

First – If I missed any author in my credit list please notify me so I can correct the list or if you wish, remove your asset from my mod.

SkyrimLazz - Textures and help getting started in modding and his continual help when I get stuck.

Asatru Background 2 - painsplayground

Viking Shields - ZawArt

Nordic Shield - HolaBlackDavy

Valkyrja Armor Mesh - ChronoTrigger77 Remodeled Armor

DarkFox127 - Amazing tutorials, textures, and meshes

Caliente for CBBE body

Apachii for ApachiiSkyHair

Blary - OpenBook and BookSet Resources

RefurbMadness - Cherry and Mahogany Alchemy Tables and Cherry and Mahogany Enchanting Dragon Table

Garnet/flintone - Wicker Furniture textures and meshes

Zerofrost - Nigtingale base textures

Tamira/Stroti - Some great meshes and textures, just search for Stroti or Tamira.

Tueffel - Modular Crafting Table resource

MrDanSG1 - Modder Display Compendium - Custom Displays for the Collectible Items found in Skyrim

Berticus0001 - Great meshes and textures and some awesome tutorials.

Insanity - Carpet mesh, wall charts, towels, The Stamford - Viking Sword mesh and who knows what else (this person provides so many resources)

Oaristys and Tony67 - Modder's Resource Pack

Runspect - Meshes and textures from Resources for modders

icecreamassassin - Meshes and textures from Project Havok(TrueStatic display model resource)


You can use any of the wood and stone textures here, a lot of them are just reworked Bethesda textures any way used in different areas. The Asatru textures, the shield textures, cloth textures, etc and meshes though belong to the authors in my credit list and you will need to check with them for permission. Probably best to ask me first to make sure.