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The Sidrat Unleashed includes the popular Sidrat moveable home mod (together with The Fall of the Dwemer quest) updated to now include a total of fourteen external models.

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"The twin watch towers of Sidrathamz have looked over Eastmarch to Windhelm for centuries uncounted. Trouble is, today there seem to be three..."

Ever wanted a home you could move to some of the beautiful locations in Skyrim? Wondered what happened to the other Eye of Magnus, and just what the heck it was for? Never thought anyone could possibly make a nod to Doctor Who in Skyrim? Well - perhaps this is for you then!

The Sidrat is a player home with a difference. With additional floors, secrets and over 60 destinations to unlock, 'The Sidrat' can be relocated to just about anywhere in Skyrim and Solstheim. Externally its a three story dwemer style tower with crafting and viewing balconies, now with twelve very different additional external models. Internally there's living quarters, a console room, with maps (of locations to discover, select and relocate to), a battling robots game room, a garden, a zero room, a library, a display room, the matrix (with archery target practice and horse trials), a crafting area and more. With seven secrets to unlock more features and powers. With an exterior crafting balcony, you can craft with the backdrop of your choice. Also contains a mini quest to find, and an unmarked quest to unlock locations and secrets. Plus many hidden treats. Already on many players' 'essential mod' lists.

Quest activates after level 5 with a small quest to start to uncover the mystery - 'Fall of the Dwemer' activates after the 25th flight of the Sidrat.

Fall of the Dwemer quest - "History only records the most famous of the Tonal Architects - yet there were others. Travel to another world to discover one lost to
time... Sorvad." Journey to the distant world Skyroh, and learn more about the legend of the Sidrat, and what became of its creators.

I welcome feedback, particularly from other mod makers. If you have a favourite location in Skyrim that's missing - let me know, and perhaps it could be added. This is an ambitious mod by its nature - so I would be particularly interested if anyone discovers anything that can cause any game issues. Please do let me know what you think!

The FAQ has a full list of features, secrets etc - please read for more info.

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