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A grand castle located in The Rift, compatible with Hearthfire multiple adoptions and follower friendly

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Dragonfall Castle 

A grand castle located in The Rift near Avanchnzel. lots of displays for unique items, follower friendly and compatible with Hearthfire multiple adoptions.

Hearthfire multiple adoptions required to move your family in (Cast the "Bless Home" spell)

Must be purchased for 50,000 gold - Click the sale sign near the door

Top Floor - Master bedroom, kids room (6beds), private bath, private study, outdoor courtyard
Second Floor - Huge library, adjoining display hall/armory, 2 small outdoor courtyards
Ground Floor - Throne room, dining, kitchen, crafting/smithing rooms, war room, pool, guest rooms (16beds)
Basement - Wine cellar, guest/staff rooms (8 beds), pool, planters
19 Npc's
Custom armor for guards
Auto undressing for NPC's at pools
NPC's & Auto undressing can be disabled by buttons in master bedroom
Teleport Spell

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