Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

Player house near Ivarstead with a few functions and linked to the Legacy of Dragonborn safehouse.

Permissions and credits
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Since all the years of Skyrim I had tons of player houses and never could decide between the ones I felt in love with. But I wanted to have my stuff as much as possible only at one place and also were addicted to all the awesome features and functions the safehouse of the Mod Legacy of Dragonborn offers. But sadly the safehouse is way too small and after some time I just didnt wanted to choose between function and beauty anymore.

So this how the idea of Maple Manor was born. A simple medium large size player house which has all the needed functions of Legacy and also a direct travel connection. And at the same time layouts and beautiful compositions of parts from other great house mods are mixed in: Lakeview. Manor - As It Should BeDeithwen - Witcher Inspired HomeCliffside Cottage and Lake Haven
It was also important for me to give it all a lore friendly, almost medieval look.

Please keep in mind the house is not finished yet, and still a WIP. But I am happy about all reports of people who like to test it. Please feel free to upload pictures and report bugs.


  • 6 follower beds in the main house, splited in 3 guestrooms,
  • 2 extra follower beds in the cellar,
  • multiple adoption compatible: 6 kids beds, splited in 3 kidsrooms with unique topics,
  • Crafting stations are linked to the Legacy Crafting System,
  • Some containers are linked to the Legacy safehouse autostore Container,
  • includes the Outfit Change & Store System from Legacy,
  • many possibilities for activating things to force the player into specific idles (like writing notes, sit and read, lean on triggers and so on),
  • typical player house function like undress in Bath, changing Appearance in mirror,
  • look outside from the inside :)
  • a few triggers to activate for changing visual clutter (dinner table and so on) or turn on/off light etc,
  • comes with a few animals and a cute Dog named Polly with Follower Option,
  • 4 Guards outside the house, three of them can also be used as Follower
  • House can be purchased for 20 000 Gold
  • windows and lightning system reacts to day and night time


Simply install with MO, NNM or Vortex. Please make a SAVE before installing, to roll back in worst case. The mod comes with scripts so it is NOT SAFE to uninstall mid playthrough without a backup. 

  • Make sure you have Legacy of Dragonborn (V4 or higher) also installed. Otherwise the mod will cause a CTD
  • For the first visit: Please enter the house by traveling to Ivarstead and walking to the house instead of using the teleport from the safehouse in Legacy. Make a new SAVE in the house and then you can also use the teleport regulary.

Standalone Version:
  • Since I got a lot of request for a Non-Legacy version, I decided to upload a standalone version too. Right now for testing only, because my main focus was the Legacy version. Keep also in mind, that with the standalone you will have no benefits of Legacy Crafting, Storing and Selling Items System. Also the Outfit Change System, the soul extractor and the soul transformation forge are not included! So many many features will be missing.

Known Issues:
  • Depending on the ENB you are using, it may be a bit dark or not.
  • Since the stupid light source limitation of skyrim I would advice to not use an additional light (torch, lantern, quick or face light) in the Main house (Maple Manor Cell) because that does add another light source and cause the existing ones in the house to flicker.
  • Depending on your system it might eat a bit of your performance. I will try to release a performance friendly version in the future, but that means a lot of content needs to be cuted out. If you expierence performance hits or even CTDs, pls let me know and also report where/when this happens. If you expierence a lot of FPS drops, make sure your game doesn't load 4k textures in that area that you maybe downloaded with some retexture mods. For the inside that would be for example the texture for and the (in textures\architecture\farmhouse) or for outside and the (path: textures\landscape). These shouldn't be 4k or you will have a lot of lags and fps lost, depending on your graphic setup.
  • Entering/Exit the bath tub is not on the direct walking path since I had to remove the collision of the outer wall of the tub.
  • The cellar has right after entering around the corner a little visual bug with the floor mesh because of the occlusion and portal system. Will fix that soon.

Questions & Answers
Q: Will there be a Skyrim (Oldrim) version?
A: Yes but probably after I feel I can call it not a WIP anymore.

Q: Why no Armor/Weapon or Quest Item Display?
A: This mod is made as an addition to Legacy of Dragonborn, there are enough Display rooms. So no further needed in the player house.

Q: Will this mod also work with the next version of Legacy?
A: I am planing to update my mod as well, as soon as I see how the changes effect my mod. 

Tools used:
Notpad plus
3d max
Nif Converter
Nif Merge
Merge Plugin