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This mod overhauls Honeyside, the player home located in Riften.

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"If you're looking to settle in Riften, there's a house for sale - Honeyside. See the steward in the keep if you want it."
- Riften Guards

 - Description - 

This mod overhauls Honeyside, the default player home located in Riften. This overhaul aims to create a warmer home for the Dragonborn and its family, adding an entire floor and completely reworking the initial floor-plan. The mod makes almost entirely use of Skyrim assets with a few custom-made meshes to fit the needs of the house. it should be compatible with most HD re-meshes and re-textures out there as long as they stay close to the original shapes they are replacing. I am using a few myself and have not come across any problems so far.

 - Installation - 
- Make sure your version of HS Resources is up to date, if not, download and install the latest release, this is a mandatory requirement and you might be missing some items if you're using an outdated version. Make sure to track the mod as well so you get notified of any update.
- Use a mod manager software such as Vortex, install, enable the mod and voilà!
- Or drop the content of the archive into your "Skyrim Special Edition\Data" folder

The Loot auto-sort should take care of the rest, but if I'm a bit behind in committing the rules for the newly released mods or if you want to mess around your Load Order on your own it is recommended to load this mod fairly late in the LO to prevent any other mods to mess with visual elements of the cell, patches might be required in some cases but I will not be making them myself unless I'm personally using the mod.

 - Features- 

Kitchen / Dining Room:

The entire first floor has been repurposed as a Kitchen equipped with a baking oven and a bar right next to the dining area. The whole family will be able to enjoy a nice diner next to the fireplace.

First Basement :

  • Master's Bedroom

Warm and comfy with its fireplace and personal bathroom, this is the largest room in the house. The perfect place for you to kick off your boots and put your feet up after slaying undead dragon or whatever it is that you do.

  • Children's Bedroom

Honeyside really is the best place to raise children, while inside they will enjoy a nice room equipped with a study and a private bathroom, the orphanage on the other side of town will provide them with plenty of company to play around with!

  • Trophy Room (bought with Alchemy Lab)

Right next to yet another fireplace, this drawing room will be the pride of the Dragonborn, allowing you to display weapons and armors acquired during your many travels.

  • Alchemy Lab

The old empty well in the garden was repurposed as a underground mushroom farm, giving the Dragonborn plenty of ingredients to try out new potions and poisons for the whole family!

Second Basement :

  • Huskarl's Bedroom (enabled when provided with a Huskarl)

Your Huskarl is here to protect your home from anyone foolish enough to try and rob you, not having to sleep on a nasty cot in a cupboard under the stairs might convince her not to do the robbing herself...

  • Blacksmith (bought with the Enchanting Lab)

Balimund got real tired of people commandeering his forge so we decided to provide you with your own. We even gave you a smelter so you don't have to hike to Shor's Stone every time you want to make an ingot.

  • Enchanting Lab

State of the art and equipped with an enchanting table as well as a staff enchanter, this lab will be the envy of every mage in Skyrim (mainly because no one seems to be able to enchant a staff). Do not hesitate to display your creations on the many walls of this repurposed well.

  • Underground Dock (bought with the Porch)

For those sneaky boys wishing to make a silent exit from the city, an underground dock will allow you to swim your way out of Riften straight into Lake Honrich while staying undetected. The dock is even furnished with a small boat that can be used to row downstream to Ivarstead.

Outdoors :

  • Porch

Overlooking the water and providing the owner with an amazing view of the lake, you will love to spend time on this porch, tending to your flowers and eating while being bathed in sunlight. And since the place is called Honeyside, we added in a ton of bees to keep you company!

  • Garden

Nestled between the house and the city walls, this small garden will allow you to grow vegetables and get a steady supply of eggs with the two chickens living there. The well is empty, so do not try get any water from it.

 - Acquisition- 
The house can be acquired by helping the citizens of Riften on 3 side quests and by completing the Supply and Demand quest line initiated by Wujeeta at the Riften Fishery.

 - Compatibility - 
- A patch for Enhanced Light and FX (ELFX) is included in the Optional Files, this will mainly add smoke
effects on different light sources. While using ELFX it is imperative
that you disable "Honeyside ELFX" when installing the mod and that you
load my mod after ELFX, otherwise you will encounter floating or
misplaced candles.
- A patch for Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul (SFCO) is included in the Optional Files, this patch will add a few paintings on the walls.

I will list here some of the mods for which compatibility issues have been reported, these would require a patch to work properly.

Incompatible :

    - Scholar's Library for SSE- Mystic Condenser SSE

 - Disclaimer - 
It is highly advisable to run this mod on a new play-through or before visiting Honeyside, otherwise you will have to pick up a lot of mess from the floor and some activators and collision boxes such as bookshelves and weapon racks might be set to their original location and not work properly.

In the original house, the children's bedroom and the enchanting lab were swappable and buying one would disable the other, I made sure both could be active at the same time and tested the whole process with success in a new play-through. Although the whole House Purchase / Decoration system created by Bethesda is a real mess, so I tried to be as less invasive as possible to the original quest object (which include the house system and is interlaced with the adoption system). Make sure then that no other mod is overwriting the changes made by this one before reporting a bug.

Obviously, this mod will conflict with other mods that would change the Honeyside interior cell / porch and garden in any significant way.

"I hope you will enjoy my work and keep supporting me, if you like my creations please endorse the mods and check out the rest of my work on my profile page.
For those that wish to support me further, you can find me on Patreon or on Paypal."

- Hylios