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A large player home greatly inspired by the architecture and characters of The Witcher series. (SSE Port)

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This is an SSE port of one of the most beautiful player homes I've seen on Nexus: Deithwen, created by imAarwyn and ported with her permission.
You can check the original mod here.

Attention 1: For now there is only the "No Stable version", which is what I use for compability with Dawn of Skyrim.

Attention 2: Theres 2 versions of this mod, the original one (which has a loading screen between the living room and the kitchen), and a version without the loading screen.

Mod Description (from the original mod page)

Greatly inspired by the architecture of Novigrad from The Witcher 3, I put this place together with many different resources, including meshes/textures ported from The Witcher 3 by myself or others. If you follow my other mods, you should know by now that I'm quite a big fan of The Witcher series myself and with that being said, I put a tremendous amount of effort into making this house as relative to the Witcher as possible. 

This home is in Solitude. 


-A player horse with a custom mesh and saddle (named Roach, of course ;D) with stable (not present in this "No Stables" version)
-Meshes/Textures ported from The Witcher 3 and The Witcher 2, including things like wall textures/floor textures/paintings/furniture/clutter/etc
-Custom Gwent Card textures made by me (and some ported by Oaristys)
-Unique NPC's based off of characters from The Witcher 
-Interactive environments (Idle markers assigned to NPC's as well as furniture markers for followers)
-A treasure room with weapon display
-Portal to a magical paradise (inspired by Keira Metz's bath illusion in the Witcher 3)
-Bathing area
-Enchanting area
-Outdoor forge/smithing area (not present in this "No Stables" version)
-Real windows with other buildings/trees visible outside 
-Fully Navmeshed exterior/interior
-Beautiful paintings featuring fanart's from numerous deviantart artists (see credits)
-Entire exterior was built from scratch, as well as most of the interior

** Now compatible with Riverside Lodge, with patch in downloads tab **


-Check "Credits" tab for the original mod credits
-imAarwyn for creating the mod and for letting me port it.