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A lore-friendly overhaul of Proudspire Manor in Solitude

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Important Note (at least read this!)
- Install this mod before purchasing the house.  When buying the house from the steward, only purchase the porch decorations - DO NOT
  purchase any interior decorations, it will just waste your money!  Not compatible with Arthmoor's Live Another Life.

- Crafting: cookpot, oven, alchemy lab, enchanter, armor workbench and grindstone.  There is no anvil or smelter, but I added a chest at the Solitude blacksmith that is linked to the "Smithing Supplies" storage in the house so you won't have to cart all of your materials back and forth.

- Disenchanting font that will remove any player-added enchants and smithing upgrades from items placed in it

- Chopping block near the back porch

- Expanded children's room with space for 6 kids (you'll need Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions to move them in)

- Beds for 2 followers

- A  bathtub for bathing mods

- Lots of storage - some custom, some generic

- Plenty of bookshelf space

- Optional patch that adds a small armory to the basement with enough space to display all of the crafted weapon and armor sets

- USSEP compatibility patch

Should be compatible with all Solitude overhaul mods.  At worst there may be clipping with the smithing chest, but nothing that will break your game.  Definitely compatible with Dawn of Skyrim, because I use that mod.  It should be compatible with Open Cities, but you won't have the smithing chest or my new porch decorations.

Not compatible with Alternate Start - Live Another Life.

Load this mod before Open Cities and after any lighting overhauls you are using.

     skyrimlazz (for the script used for the armory arrow displays)
     jet4571 (for his building kit)
     XunAmarox  (for the disenchanting font script)
     Xaa1962 (for the "sit & read" script)
     Ac3s (for the auto-strip script and tutorial)

and for all their awesome resources:
     TESA Skyrim Resource Kit
     CD Projekt