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This mod overhauls Proudspire Manor, the player home located in Solitude.

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This mod overhauls Proudspire Manor, the default player home located in Solitude. This overhaul aims to create a warmer home for the Dragonborn and its family, reworking the initial floor-plan to add some additional space to original house. The mod makes almost entirely use of Skyrim assets with a few custom-made meshes to fit the needs of the house. it should be compatible with most HD re-meshes and re-textures out there as long as they stay close to the original shapes they are replacing. I am using a few myself and have not come across any problems so far.


First Floor:

  • Master's Bedroom

A fireplace and a bathing area have been added to the room.

  • Children's Bedroom

A fireplace and a bathing area have been added to the room.

  • Enchanting Lab

The Enchanting workbench is now located in a Study / Library along with a Staff Enchanter.

Main Floor :

  • Living Room

The living room has been furnished with a fully stocked bar and a few sitting areas.

  • Huskarl's Bedroom

Jordis's room has been significantly improved, she now ha access to her own fireplace and bathing area.

  • Kitchen

A baking oven and a cooking pot have been added to the Kitchen and the dining room has been extended

Basement :

  • Indoor Pool (bought with the Living Room)

A huge pool was added in the basement with a massage table in the back

  • Blacksmith (bought with the Enchanting Lab)

A fully equipped blacksmith was added to the basement

  • Alchemy Lab

The alchemy lab in the basement was transformed into a wine cellar

Outdoors :

  • Porch

A garden has been added to the backdoor porch.


The house can be acquired by helping the citizens of Solitude on 5 side quests and by completing the Elisif's Tribute quest line initiated by Jarl Elisif at the Blue Palace in Solitude.


- Use your favorite mod manager
- Or drop the content of the archive into your "Skyrim Special Edition\Data" folder

Add-ons :

- A patch for Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul (SFCO) is included in the Optional Files, this patch will add a few paintings on the walls.
- A patch for Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch is included to remove the flying cooking pot that was added by the patch...

All patches are completely optional, they should merely add character to the house if you are already using these mods.

- If you wish to replace your mannequins with the ones in the screenshot, you can get one of my other mods here.


I will list here some of the mods for which compatibility issues have been reported, these would require a patch to work properly.


It is highly advisable to run this mod on a new play-through or before visiting Proudspire Manor, otherwise you will have to pick up a lot of mess from the floor and some activators and collision boxes such as bookshelves and weapon racks might be set to their original location and not work properly.

Obviously, this mod will conflict with other mods that would change the Proudspire Manor interior cell / porch and garden in any significant way.

If you like this mod, do not hesitate to follow my profile and check out my other mods :