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Riverwood Falls Manor is mid-sized player home accommodating player and family, followers, blacksmiths, mage, apothecary, cooks, and property workers. Explore the assets and dangers of Bleak Mines and caves. Lore-friendly and feature rich including Hearthfire gardening, cooking, farm animal, immersive features, and linked and cloud storage.

Permissions and credits

Riverwood Falls offers 2 Versions

Adoption:  Includes all Hearthfire (HF) features with room for 4 adoptable children and spouse.  This version requires TMPhoenix's Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions if you wish to have children and spouse come to your home.  There are accommodations for 4 followers which requires you to pick a follower mod designed to assign them to live in quarters adjacent the manor.  My Home Is Your Home has been tested and works well with Riverwood Falls.

Non Adoption: Is for players who do not want to adopt children.  Still the mod includes all of the other HF attributes, such as planting, cooking, and other features mentioned here but without adoption.  In this version, there is room for up to 8 follower companions (Four can live in the main house with you; four more can live in quarters adjacent the manor).  Each have their own living space and private rooms and they will sandbox the house by using a follower mod that offers this feature.  The house has been aesthetically modified to accommodate adults rather than children.  The house will additionally accommodate  a spouse if you choose to marry.  You will still need to use Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions  in order to bring your spouse to the home and provide for the fluid movement of a spouse both indoors and outdoors as well as spousal behaviors.  However, DO NOT attempt to adopt children in this version as it will cause problems.  My Home Is Your Home has been tested with Riverwood Falls, and it works very well with followers.  Any follower mod designed to work with custom houses should work well.


Riverwood Falls and Bleak Mines becomes available with a courier quest once the mod is loaded and you travel to a new habitable location (excluding Helgen, Orc strongholds, and the College of Winterhold) . Simply follow the quest marker and the directions you receive. The manor and mine occupies a large area south-west of Riverwood, just below Bleak Falls Barrow and adjacent to Anise's Cabin as shown on the Skyrim Map
. It will conflict with mods that occupy exterior cells south-west of Riverwood, including cells around Anise's Cabin and Embershard Mine . Also there is modification to the first interior cell of Bleak Falls Barrow. If you have concerns about mod conflicts, make a post and I'll gladly take a look. I've already found a few listed below under Conflicts.

Required Keys
:  The courier quest begins with a letter which will guide you to the locations of the keys you need to gain access to the manor, staff and follower quarters, armory, mine, and caverns.  The quest marker will direct you to the front door where you will find a mail box containing the manor key.  Once inside, the remaining keys are located on a key holder adjacent to the main interior door.


  • Hearthfire features with residence for player and family, room for 4 children (or 2-4 followers in main house with non-adoption version-2 double beds).
  • Property Staff/Follower Quarters where NPCs have their own living areas and individualized private rooms.
  • Room for 4-8 followers (depending on version you choose) where you can assign followers to living areas with a mod of your choosing that features this option.
  • Vendors:  2 blacksmiths, an apothecary, and a staff and arcane vendor.  3 vendors provide Master Level training.  All vendors have ample coin making it feasible for you to conduct business without them running low on cash after just a few deals. Not your run of the mill vendor inventory either!
  • Cloud and Linked storage. (Explained below if you want the details.)
  • Large armory for your own massive armor/weapon collection, including dragon priest masks and dragon claws.
  • Arcane labs, including a chamber and the equipment featured in the Dragonborn DLC to create weaponized spiders.
  • Farming, livestock, apiaries, custom chickens (that use hen house to sleep nightly), stables for 2  horses (included) and room for additional steeds.
  • Breakfast set on table at 8 am, dinner at 5 pm.  Using Improved Adoptions, kids and spouse will sit at table during this time.
  • Interactive bookshelves and the option to keep books in the linked or cloud-storage system.
  • Private spa bath, NPC showers, and cave pool.  NPCs (and Player if you choose) disrobe for bathing, showering, and swimming.
  • Player controlled sinks and toilet.
  • Player and NPCs enjoy riverside naps on deck hammock.
  • Interactive fireplaces that player can light and extinguish that also displays exterior smoke from chimneys when lit.
  • Some player controlled braziers, and some that automatically light and extinguish depending on time of day.
  • Cooking, ovens, and hearths are on a schedule so that fires and food are not active 24/7.
  • Bedroom Wardrobe that accessorizes based on player gender - male or female.
  • Day/Night lighting. Indoor sounds and views consistent with exterior cell weather.
  • NPCs return indoors in inclement weather.
  • Auto close doors.
  • Manor Displays for Daedric Artifacts, Elder Scrolls, Black Books, and Bug Jars.
  • Several custom shrines with enhanced and timed enchantments.
  • Custom potions and enchanted weapons and ammunition for sale.
  • Massive working mine with busy miners and miner quarters.  The largest mine in Skyrim!  (Listen to the snores of sleeping miners during bedtime.)
  • Mysterious and dangerous caverns to explore.
  • New bridge-dock just outside of Riverwood that gives access to the property.
  • 2 Map Markers, points for fast-travel.

Storage - Cloud & Linked

Riverwood Falls/Bleak Mines
uses a cloud storage system dump that allows you to place/retrieve items from your inventory in to a storage system that can be accessed from 4 containers located throughout the manor and mines, as well as locations in each hold and a few special locations.  This storage is designed for those who want a very light and easy, no-frills storage system that they can easily access all their stuff while at home and during travels.  It is not going to categorize or sort things for you.  But it will be nicely present in a menu if you use a  complimentary mod such as SKYIU.  Vanilla viewing is certainly also there as well.

Locations of the cloud containers within the manor and mines are pictured below. 

Also, within the major cities, a cloud barrel is situated just to the right of the main entrance gates.  In the smaller Hold capital townships, the barrels are to the right of the Jarl's lodge entrance.  At Castle Vokihar, the barrel is at the base of the bridge leading up to the castle.  Dawnguard Fortress, it is to the right of fortress entrance.  In Raven Rock, the barrel is located as you get off the dock from the transport boat and are entering the settlement.  These barrels are pretty easy to spot since they all have  a giant's club leaning against them (see example in IMAGES section).

Storage categories are: 
Alcohol/Skooma, Ammo, Clothing, Arcane Attire, Armor (Heavy & Light separately), Books/Journals, Notes/Letters, Scrolls, Tomes/Alchemy Recipes, Children's Items, Firewood, Food, Gems, Heart Stones, Ingredients, Jewelry/Circlets, Keys, Miscellaneous,  Potions/Poisons, Smith Crafting Materials, Smith Ores/Dwemer Scrap. Soul Gems, Shields,  Weapons.

Linked storage allows for the manual placement and retrieval of items that you individually place in container categories (listed above).  The reason they are "linked" is so that they can be accessed in multiple locations: the manor, basement, and the armory. This is unscripted and it is up to you to place what you want in the containers.  This system is not linked to the cloud storage. There will be no "auto-sorting" when doing this (meaning, if you put an apple in the heavy armor closet storage, then the apple will not get routed to the food storage location nor will it be rejected for placement in the incorrect storage unit).

Storage does not necessarily look like a chest or a barrel.  Items are stored at various
logical areas throughout the mod and accessible to the player.  For instance:

There are storage units adjacent to each crafting station so that you will have easy access while crafting. 

You can use either one or the other storage methods, or both together.  If you like linked storage, it is still very nice to be able to have your cloud storage for quick access as a dump for all your collection while adventuring.  No need to return home to unload your collections.


Use a mod manager of your choosing for automated installation or download this mod manually and place Riverwood Falls.bsa, Riverwood Falls - Textures.bsa, and Riverwood Falls.esp in your Skyrim Data directory. For manual install, be sure to enable this mod in the MOD menu when you start the game. LOOT is a program that can ensure proper load order of all your mods.  Easily uninstall manually by simply removing the bsas and esp from the Data directory.  There are no loose files.  Or use your mod manager if installed that way.

Known Conflicts

AELYA'S CABIN by blessingwindwalker (may conflict)
Bleak Falls Barrow - Revisited by Cooleoj

Bradain Chorr by Kierman
Mysterious Greenhouse by HansDavion
Mysterious Workshop by Hans Davion (may have navmesh conflicts)
Riverwood Bridge House by marsharah
Riverwood Cabin No Longer Anise's by dalakyne
Riverwood Cottage by dyingheat (may conflict)
Riverwood Practical Home by TheFlayer (may conflict)
Ryn's Bleak Falls Tower by Ryn2g (terrain conflicts)
Stonecreat City Reborn by MathLeBeau

Unique Locations - Riverwood Forest by Cooleoj
Your Home by spookyu

Mods that effect the town area of Riverwood should be fine.  For instance, JK's Skyrim is fine with Riverwood Falls.
Mods that modify the first interior cell of Bleak Falls Barrow may conflict.
Mods that modify Anise, her cabin, and exterior cells around the cabin.
Check with me if in doubt.


Riverwood Falls is a large mod with 6 large interior cells, a utility cell, and extensive modifications to exterior cells.  And, sorry, I'm quite heavy-handed with the clutter even when I try not to be.  For this reason, a low-end PC may not be up to handling this mod.  As a guide,  my PC has I5 4670K CPU, GF GTX 1060 6GB GPU, 16 GB RAM.

Recommended to Use With Riverwood Falls
Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions
(**Required for the Adoption version; recommended for non-adoption if you plan to marry.)

Additional Mods that complement Riverwood Falls/Bleak Mines
My Home Is Your Home
Improved Adoptions
Relationship Dialog Overhaul

I  Hope You Try It and Enjoy!