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Defeat the Guardian, and be rewarded by a dwemer city hidden in a small valley and a Player house.

Permissions and credits
  • Chinese - Mandarin


update 0.2:
- Fixed translation issues
- Fixed cell names messing with the saves
- Fixed Machine Room and Jail Behavior
- Fixed guard in Machine Room giving bounty for nothing
- Fixed a rock near waterfalls
Very important note  If you update the mod from 0.1 to 0.2. Dismiss all citizens, take all your items in player house. Go to an other cell (for example Whiterun), wait 3 days, save and exit. Uninstall the vesion 0.1. Load yous game and make another save, exit. Install Update 0.2 and reload your game. It's tedious, but don't skip it! To fix somes bugs, the core of the mod is modified, so updating as is will cause your citizens to be completly messed up with behaviors and you can have a heavy chance of CTD inside the lost valley.

- Added clutters in large rooms.
- Added an autosort system in player house (see description)
- Added 2 shouts summoning 1 dwarven dragon and 3 dwarven minions ( see description)
- Jail system is upgraded. Guards have their own dialogues (not voiced).
- Added custom planter in Farm. 


This mod add a city hidden in a valley near Mzulft. Find the entry and fight the guardian. Once you defeat him and looted the entrance key, you become the new master of the Lost Valley. But the city is empty, you will find only some dwemer automatons, keeping the city. They recognize you as the new master and will let you in peace, unless you commit a crime. Now you want to populate your Lost Valley. You can invite peoples of your choice, they will live and work in your city.

UPDATE: The mod is now available in Traditional Chinese.  Thanks to HappyToGoodJob for the translation.

The Population

You can promote followers, marriable NPC and friendly NPC to live in the lost valley. The dialogue system let you assign them a role as citizen, warrior, mage, Inn keeper, inn servant and inn bard. The city can host 16 citizens, 16 warriors, 16 mages, 3 tavern workers, 1 housecarl and 1 blacksmith.

The Citizens and the Blacksmith
They will live in the main city. Citizens will work to the farm, hangout in the city or the tavern, and sleep in 4 houses. The Blacksmith will work at forge, hang out in the city, tavern and the pool of the Master House.

The Warriors
They will live in the Warrior house, placed higher in the valley. They will train to fight, work in the Warrior house, hangout in the pool of the warrior house or in tavern.

The Mages
They will live in the Mage House, near the Warrior House. They will work and train in the Mage House and hangout in the Mage House's pool, tavern or main city.

Inn Keeper, Servant and Bard
They will live, work and sleep in the tavern and hangout in the main city. The bard will sing when the tavern is open to other citizens. Any NPC you promote as bard will sing in the tavern, but in the game not every voices have the dialogue to perform the single. So if you see the bard playing animation but with no voice, demote him and promote an other bard.

The promoted housecarl will live and work in the master house (Lost Valley Keep), hangout in the master pool or in tavern.

NOTE ABOUT RECRUITING NPCs:  The mod let you promote NPC if there are in PotentialFollowerFaction, meaning you can promote them before doing quest for them. Be smart, don't promote a NPC before doing a quest line with him (like companions in Whiterun). If a quest involve a NPC already promoted, i advice you to demote him, doing the quest, and re-promote him after the quest is finished.

The Dialogue Option

"My city have a lot of space"
It's the opening dialogue, if you see it when you talk to a NPC, then you can promote him.

"I need a Master Blacksmith."
Will promote NPC as blacksmith

"I invite you to live in my Lost Valley."
Will promote NPC as Citizen

"I need a Housecarl in my new home."
Will promote NPC as housecarl

"I need a talented mage in my city."
Will promote NPC as a Mage

"I need a strong warrior in my city."
Will promote NPC as a Warrior

"I need a bard in my tavern"
"I need a keeper in my tavern"
"I need a servant in my tavern"
Will promote NPC as bard, inn keeper or servant

"Finally, i need to think about it."
Will cancel invitation

Once you have promoted a NPC, a new dialogue option will be enabled:
"We need to talk about the Lost Valley"
This will be the opening dialogue to demote a NPC.

The Minions (update 0.2):

A elevator in player house lead you to a word wall. You can learn 2 shouts on the wall.

SUMMON MIDHAHDOV:  The shout summon a dwarven dragon. You can use him like Durnehvir (DLC1) from the soulacairn or like a mount. To have the choice, go near him once summoned, he will ask you what you want: -"Fight for me" will ask him to fly and help you in fight
- "I want a ride" will ask him to take you for a ride. 
Some workaround: If you don't want the dialogue, activate him immediately once summoned will  send him order to fly and fight. The ride system is the Dragonborn mount system, so the input commands are the same. Obviously, if you have a mod altering the vanilla system from dragonborn, it will modify the riding from Midhahdov.

SUMMON DWEMER MACHINE:  The shout summon 3 dwarven minions helping you in fight.
First word will summon a dwarven sphere (same as vanilla)
Second word will summon a dwarven droid (same behavior as Flame Atronach)
Third word will summon a dwarven punisher (same behavior as Werewolf)
The summoned creatures are leveled and will be stronger as the player grown in level.


The player house is placed at the top of the valley, have a map marker to teleport and fully compatible with
Hearthfire Multiple Adoption ( ), if you want to move your family in the Lost Valley. This main entrance of the house open to a floor with  all the necessary furnitures for crafting with plenty of chest to store, manequins and weapon racks. The basement will host the childrens room and the housecarl room. The higher floor host the master pool, the master room and the display room.
The display room have markers to display:
-All dragon Claws
- All dragon priest Masks
-Daedric Artifacts
- Thieves Guild rewards
- Several Uniques Items like Auriel bow, Auriel shield, etc...
- Elder Scrolls and Black Books display
- A Manequin is placed  between Miraak sword marker and Miraak staff marker, so you can place the Miraak armor on it.
- Tempered and enchanted items will not be lost if you place them on the displays.
- Some Atherium shards can be found in the chest in the Master Room, so you can craft all atherium artifact at atherium forge and display them.

AUTO-SORT SYSTEM (update 0.2)

The Player House have now an auto sort system for your inventory (the display room for artifacts is not touched by this new feature). In the crafting room, you will find a Master Chest. Dropping an item in this chest will sort it in a autochest. The auto chests are named by what they sort. For example, the Heavy Armor Auto Chest will have the heavy armors stored in it. If you use a crafting station inside the crafting room (or the cook crafting station inside the main entrance), all items stored in auto chests will be avaible for crafting. Auto Chests are:
- Heavy Armor Chest (crafting room)
- Light Armor Chest (crafting room)
- Clothes chest (crafting room)
- Jewelry Chest (crafting room)
-  Gems box (crafting room)
- Soul Gem chest (crafting room)
- Potion and Poison Chest (crafting room)
- Ingredient Chest (crafting room)
- Pelt and leather chest (crafting room)
- Ingot chest (crafting room)
- Ores chest (crafting room)
- Weapon chest (crafting room)
- Staff Chest (crafting room)
- Bow (crossbow) and arrow chest (crafting room)
- Shield chest (crafting room)
- Scroll chest (crafting room)
- Misc chest (crafting room)
- Food chest (main entrance)
- Book Chest (main entrance)
- Gold chest (Master room)
- Keys container (Master room)

Remember Papyrus is a snowflake, don't drop too many items at the same time in the Master Chest to not overload the auto sort script ;)

The mod is not intended to be an adult mod. But Pools will strip the NPCs when they go bathing and beds strip NPCs when they go sleeping, so if you have a nude body mod, yep you wiil have nudity. The player will not be stripped, do it manually. In the master house, if you bless the house with the Hearthfire Multiple Adoption spell, move your family,  and have Flowergirls mod installed, the sex scene with your wife/husband will be triggered. To prevent morality issue, the childs markers (for the sanboxing, sleeping etc...) are NOT placed in the same floor of pool and master bed. So you will not find childrens looking at you when you do bad things to your wife or not find them bathing with your nude housecarl.


As usual. Install it with your mod manager or put files in your data folder.


This mod should be compatible with anything that do doesn't modify worldspace near Mzulft area. The quest allowing the player to promote NPC have low priority to not interfer with other quests. So modes like My Home is Your Home (MHIYH) will win against my mod. If you have a follower house defined by MHIYH, reset the follower house to his default house and promote him with the Lost Valley dialogue.
The mod is lightweight regarding scripting. Papyrus scripts are fire and forget and will not be permanent trough savegames.

UPDATE: Arthmoor's Keld-Nar mod have a conflit location with this mod.

Before uninstalling the mod. Dismiss all promoted NPCs and remember to take all items displayed in the display room.

Thanks to:
Nostromo79 for Dwemer Shelves Ressources
Oaristys for  Witcher Ressources and  Modder Resources
MrDanSG1 for  Modder Display Compendium
Sjogga for  Modders Resource - Auto sorting and auto looting when crafting
Tonynarko67 for T67 - DisplayCase Noble and Dwemer and T67 - Planter Noble Dwemer Rock
lolikyonyu for Lolicept Resources
InsanitySorrow for Insanity’s Bath Towels

Vicn for Vicn Creature Pack SE

Blary for Ingredients in a Jar Resource

Jokerine for Jokerine's Misc Resources

Grohiik for Dwarven Mechanical Dragons Mod