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Based on GoatK's Breezehome TNF, adds four follower beds, an optional secret entrance/exit outside Whiterun's city walls and a meditation garden.

Permissions and credits
Breezehome TNF Revisited - jknjb's version:

This mod is built on goatk's Breezehome TNF mod (, which they released to the mod community.

This mod is an update of gotak's original Breezehome TNF.  I do NOT own the permissions for posting it anywhere else. Aside from the specific bits I modified, you will have to take up any permissions question with goatk.




I like using Breezehome as a base for my characters, given Whiterun's central location in Skyrim.  And I like goatk's version of Breezehome, but wanted a bit more space for followers and a couple of other features that would suit my game style.  So I made this version of GoatK's Breezehome for myself.  I've used it for almost all my playthroughs now and thought other people might find some of the features useful.

Note that this is being released "as is", it's geared towards my style of gameplay, so it may not suit everyone.  I will try to fix any bugs that are found, and might add a few features if I want them for my game, but otherwise I will not be making changes to the mod.

This is a port of my LE mod:

Available in LE:

CHANGES vs. goatk's version:

- Added followers quarters in the basement with four beds.  Use a follower mod or the like to assign beds to followers.

- The tower room is now a meditation garden instead of a trophy room.

- Added shrines for each of the nine divines at appropriate locations in the house.  For example, the Shrine of Stendarr is in the followers' quarters, the Shrine of Julianos is near the enchanting table, etc.

- Redecorated the Master Bedroom.

- Replaced the firepit with a fireplace.

- OPTIONAL SECRET ENTRANCE VERSION.  A trap door under the basement stairs leads to another trap door outside the walls of Whiterun.  The Breezehome key is required to use the secret entrance.


There is one undeleted navmesh.  This is not the fault of goatk's mod or my changes to it, it's from the Hearthfire DLC.  I have no idea why Bethesda deleted it, so I'm not going to try to fix it.


Can be installed safely mid-game if you've never been inside Breezehome before.  For testing purposes, I've installed it mid-game after being in Breezehome and haven't had any trouble, but I can't guarantee the same will be true for your game.

I suggest you buy all the Breezehome features you want up front; I tried not to change any of the enable/disable links, but I may have goofed on something, and for my game I buy everything at once and have never had a problem.  You don't have to buy the children's room.  I do NOT adopt children during my game, so I have no idea if the child bedroom features are working, nor am I going to fix any issues with that if it's more than a quick tweak.  The children's room does appear if you purchase it, and the alchemy lab moves downstairs with the enchanting table, so I assume everything associated with the children's room works as it did in the original Breezehome TNF mod.  Likewise, I have no idea if you can adapt the follower beds to be children's beds.  You're welcome to tinker with that in the CK on your own.

If you already own Breezehome and want to install this anyway, clean your stuff out of it (including followers, kids, spouse, the dog, Lydia, etc.).  Go someplace else and make a hard save, then install this mod via your mod manager.


Not recommended because some things may be baked in your save.  It's better to revert to a save made before you installed the mod.

However, if you decide to uninstall anyway, clean out all your stuff (including followers, kids, spouse, Lydia, the dog, etc.) and go someplace else.  Make a hard save and uninstall the mod.


If you are using this mod with Alternate Start - Live Another Life, AS-LAL should have priority.  In other words, AS-LAL should be nearer to the end of your load order than this mod.  (Thanks to Syllander2 for finding this)

This should be compatible with everything EXCEPT other mods that change Breezehome ro the area the secret entrance trap door is in outside the walls of the city.  Mods that change Whiterun itself (other than mods that change the external Breezehome area) should be fine. I use both "JK's Skyrim" and "Dawn of Skyrim" without problems.

All the assets I used are vanilla/DLC or were in GoatK's original mod, so anything strange you see with the textures, meshes, etc. is a mod conflict/load order issue in your game.  I've used this mod for many, many games and haven't had any problems with it.

Your spouse should use the master bedroom once you're married.

To get your followers to live there, I recommend using a mod like "My Home is Your Home" or a follower manager that has a home/bed assignment feature.

IF YOU USE TREE MODS some of the trees in the meditation garden and the other planters may be too large or too small.  I suggest opening the console, highlighting the offending trees and using the "Setscale" command to alter their size to your liking.  For example, "Setscale 0.5" (without quotes) will scale the object down to 1/2 its normal size.


Open Cities compatibility patch by GhostlyDaemon:


Noble Skyrim
Beautiful Cities
JK Skyrim
Dawn of Skyrim
Obsidian Weathers and Seasons
Intrigued ENB


Since it's all vanilla assets and goatk has open permissions, you are welcome to modify it as you please and repost on Nexus, just credit goatk for the original Breezehome TNF, and me for the changes I made in this mod.

As I based this on goatk's Breezehome TNF, their permissions for porting to consoles, etc. apply.  I play on the PC and have no means of supporting any console ports.

Bethesda, for Skyrim
GoatK for the original Breezehome TNF mod and for their generosity in releasing it to the public.