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The Asteria is a Dwemer Airship. The Airship is located in the Falkreath Hold area West of Riverwood next to Lake Ilinalta (see the map). The original Skyrim version was designed by MATTCM919: The Asteria With permission, I updated this unique home for Skyrim SE. It now has 2 more beds for guest.

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Question: Where is the key?
Ans: In an Urn by the Mara load door statue found at the shipdock location.  

Question: How do I move my spouse here?
Ans: Custom Family Home

Remember the Mara statue at the dock is the front door also called loading door.

Question: How do I move followers here?
Ans: My Home is Your Home Mod.

They will use the front load door or statue at the dock.
 Please remember getting married and adoptions are quest, and they can be broken. Follower the instructions from the above mods, and make sure you have both their mod and this home before adopting or getting married.

I fixed the below issues that were in the original design Matt's Skyrim design:

Q. The door on the upper deck won’t work correctly, what’s going on?
A. It was an alignment issue. The door works perfectly now.  

Q. My followers won’t use the teleport statues to and from the Asteria?
I fixed this problem. The teleport was a load door. The followers are expecting to enter an internal cell with a defined location in-game. This caused them to get lost until you entered an interior cell.

Q. The original had navmesh problems. Navmesh under furniture and not under the feet of mannequins. 
A. All navmesh interior and exterior have been correct.

Mannequins moved around more than usual.
A. We added navmesh under the feet of each mannequin, and gave them each their own navmesh island. This should help. However, Skyrim mannequins were always NPCs. There are two mod that keep them posing. The unofficial Skyrim patch and the mod "Mannequins Stay Put" will keep them continuously posing.

Q. Why doesn't the ship move? It never did. There is a journal that explains why it is permanently docked. I did add in a portal that can be used to travel.

Q. This area spawns Dragons? Yes, it does. Matt positioned it between two dragon spawn points for some fun on the deck. There are enemies below as well but they are lower level. If you go there early in game you will see wolves and skeevers.

Q. How do I avoid the battles? Use the return home spell. It puts you inside the  Captain's Cabin.

The dock load door now connects to the bedroom/Captain quarters.

There are several changes I made:

1.  Added two more beds in Captain’s quarters
2.  Adding cooking and baking it was missing in the original.
3. Moved shower to lower level deck.
4.  Added a map marker for the Ship’s deck. Once the player discovers the deck they can fast travel with their horse on deck. You
need to first discover the deck. Horses can’t enter interior cells. When you first use the load door at the dock, you and followers will be inside. Your horse will be at dock level. Once you discover the Ship’s deck your horse will be able to fast travel with you to the deck.
5. Changed the ship design with nifskope removed the imperial ship lady and Imperial banners and replace them with Centurian and custom Banners.
6. Made a custom Dwemer Smelter with nifskope
7. Added some retextured rugs, racks, blanket , pillows and pottery.
8. Added a return home spell book
9. Added Change appearance mirror
10  Added Remove armor script for shower 
11.  Added Plenty of linked chest with multiple dropoff and pickup points.
12.  Added display mounts for claws, mask, black books, paragons and scrolls.
13. Added a portal.

Any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

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