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This is a completely new rebuild of the original Peregrine Highwatch, with extensive addition of new features that integrates much content from some of the DLCs.

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Created by sa547 for Skyrim Special Edition



This mod was developed right after the original Peregrine Highwatch was released back in 2014, with the intent to integrate most if not all the features found in Hearthfire, asides from expanding the original mod. However, due to IRL concerns, after about eight months I stopped working on this project and placed it back on the backburner.

The decision to revive the project came right after my holiday vacation last year, as well as a string of rebuilt Hearthfire Pool and Hot Bath series of mods; I began on the second week of January, tossed out a lot of stuff and tried to streamline the mod completely. In addition I also included new features that might be of help to most players, by taking full advantage of many of the DLC assets.

Now that I have finished HFX after some four years, I do hope that you would find this mod meeting many of your expectations, and more.

Save First! Before installing and using this mod, make sure you have created a gamesave so as to ensure insurance in any event of emergency. 

Compatibility Do note that any other mod occupying the same exterior cells as Peregrine Highwatch may cause problems such as navmesh conflicts leading to a CTD, objects clipping with others, or NPCs stopping in mid-pace. 

Test-Drive For Mod Organizer 2 users, I also recommend creating a test profile, an exact copy of your main playthrough profile, so as to playtest first before introducing this mod to your main game.

Uninstallation Notes

To uninstall this mod, first remove ALL items from the house, store them in your character, then make a gamesave in any interior cell except Peregrine Highwatch, the Underground Cave, or Nameless Fire, before exiting Skyrim and deactivating this mod from your mod manager. 


The new Peregrine Highwatch is nearby Honningbrew Meadery and the White River Bridge. Right above it is White River Watch. 

To purchase the house, prepare 20,000 pieces of gold. This because I built the mod as a mid-game prize and as a way of sinking in a large amount of money accumulated too fast from level 1.


This mod is designed to house and support the player character, but also his/her spouse, six adopted children (using Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions), five followers in their personal quarters (using either EFF, AFT or My Home is Your Home), plus two more in the underground cave.

The features include

  • All crafting stations plus a Staff Enchanter (normally found in Tel Mithryn).
  • A full storage cloud spanning the entire property, for which to be able to access supplies as well as rapidly dumping them remotely at any place within the estate. There is also non-cloud non-re-settable storage.
  • Two swimming pools and one bathtub with Frostfall support. Autostrip for followers is also included. No autostrip for player character for better control on what to take off and then wear (i.e. towels from Apachii's Divine Elegance Store).
  • Multiple bookshelves to store collected documents and papers.
  • Display racks for weapons and shields.
  • Four armor dummies to store and display valuable armor.
  • 30 planters in and around the estate for which to plant a variety of food and alchemical ingredients, including a greenhouse.
  • Some items in the house are interactive for a variety of uses.
  • Special storage for select unique items.

The cave includes the following:

  • The aforementioned planters for agriculture.
  • Wheat mill to produce flour.
  • Apiary to gather honey.
  • A fishpen to cultivate fish from captured eggs.
  • An underground access route from the estate’s cave to an exit south-southwest of Ivarstead. Do note that this dungeon route – resets periodicially -- also serves as a “danger room” for combat practice.

Spouses, Adopted Children, and Followers

With a mod such as Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions and My Home is Your Home, this house contains bedspaces not only for a spouse, but also for six children and five followers, plus two more bedspaces for further two followers in the cave.

Popular follower management mods will allow you to assign followers to their quarters.

Storage System

Storage in this manor are linked so as to improve organization, convenience, and access, even in a different part of the manor. Specially-marked storage (identified by red "Ideal Storage" urns with an illustration of an otter under the cloud on the lid; mostly found in the library-laboratory, and there's one in the entrance) also allow automatic removal of loot so as to unburden the player.

Pools and Bathtub Controls

The bathtub and the pools have heating and water controls which must be activated manually; the heating system will not only cause steam to rise but also activates heat sources for use with Frostfall while bathing. Turn on the heat valve before bathing when using Frostfall.

Lighting up Fires

All large fires must be lit or extinguished using the provided matchboxes ("Olivenza Bueno") located by the fireplace or the firepit. These are located at:

  • Living room fireplace
  • Kitchen
  • Master bedroom
  • Followers' kitchen
  • Poolside fireplace


There are a lot of planters placed not only in the house but also in the cave for cultivation. Asides from grinding flour, you can also raise fish in the cave's fishpond.


Fast-traveling to Peregrine with a owned horse will have the horse land precisely where the shed is.

Unique Items Storage

There is the Artifact Containment Room for which to store special quest items.


The following authors have been credited here with the agreement that any of their resources used in this mod will be for Free to Use and not for paid mods. Likewise I do not seek or accept donations.

InsanitySorrow (TESA) -- chessboard, pillows, paintings, soap, alchemy/smithing charts, windowboxes, sofa...

Stroti & Tamira (TESA) -- portions of Dragonstone and Old Mill (statics, textures, etc.), bathroom, and ovens.

AARS (TESA) -- vegetable basket, meat crate 

FPI Research/Brett (TESA) -- alchemy jars, quill & inkpot, smelting pot, aquarium... 

Lilith (TESA) -- burgundy/green rugs, catering packs, beds, wallpaper

eldiabs (Nexus) -- pre-built activators and bookshelves

jet4571 (Nexus) -- pre-built copy and paste wharehouse (sic) cell / Farmhouse building kit

Oaristys & Tony67 (TESA) -- Modder's Resource Pack (so many of them, can't list all)

stoverjm (TESA) -- Open Books Library 1.1 (based on Blary's Open Books Resource)

MannyGT -- The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal resources

ManillaTurtle (Nexus) -- Automatic Item Storage system

Ga-Knomboe Boy (Nexus) -- Solitude City Buildings aka Big City Mod and Green Trees

ChickenDownUnder (Nexus) – Harvestables

Elinen/Ztree (Nexus) -- Hoddminr Trees and Plants

Jokerine (Nexus/TESA) -- Miscellaneous Resources

Berticus (Nexus) -- "For Sale" script

mrpdean (Nexus) -- Lakeview Custom and Modular Meshes

gorstgoblin -- Balkan House

DenkiGroove -- portion of Oriental Umbrellas and Lanterns (deviantArt) -- seamless woodplanks texture

hhh316 (deviantArt) – multiple seamless textures

Lazz (Nexus) -- Displays - Dragon Claws and Others

Phitt – Fishtank

Phitt -- Sheogorad Resource I and II

LorSakyamuni / CDProjekt's The Witcher3 Blood and Wine -- Modders' Resources

Lolicept -- Resources

Stock photo credits (All from; public domain -- all images used for nonprofit purposes):

Serouj Ourishian -- Mount Ararat in the Caucasus, with the Ararat plain in foreground.

Fcb981 -- Kings Creek with Lassen Peak on the horizon

Ximonic aka Simo Räsänen -- Straum fjord, Norway,_2012_June.jpg

Fir0002 -- Cumuliform cloudscape over Swifts Creek, Australia

Third-party free reuse stock image credits:

Tatami Mat


This mod is not possible without the assistance of ThyPentacle during the conversion and testing processes.

The author would like to thank many of the authors and end-users over the years for their kind words and support; also thanks to Nexus, /r/skyrimmods, KillingDoll (JP), LL, and DragonPorn (JP).


This mod is exclusively hosted in Nexusmods. All resources used in this mod are credited to their respective authors (see Mod Description) on the condition the mod is not salable. This mod cannot be part of an illegal compilation pack and/nor for sale. Any alteration or conversion must require the author’s permission.