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Player Home in the volcanic Eastmarch, its flora thriving under a dwemer sun. Teleport to all the main cities, and recall anytime thanks to the previous owners' magic experiments. All usual features of a home, and a bit of Dunmer lore. (Rework of the grim Redoran Grove)

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A Player Home between Eldergleam Sanctuary and the dwemer ruins of Mzulft.
The name Ebongrove comes from its dark basalt formations, and its lush flora thriving under a dwemer sun.

(Mod is fine, Movie Maker didn't like that part)

Recall Spell    Teleport Shrine    All Crafting Stations (except Spiders)
Crafting Books (increase your skills by 1)    Up to 8 Beds    No Mannequins version
Plaques    Custom Storage    Fertile Soil    Daedra Shrines for heals and buffs

Ebongrove is a vivid, detailed version of my old Redoran Grove.
They're compatible, but they're not the same mod. I wanted to remake it with the things I know now.

To preserve the dark / golden atmosphere (and avoid messy looks on your end) know that other mods will not affect trees or basalt rock formations. However, shrubs and furniture may still be affected.

Currently NOT COMPATIBLE with Rally's All The Things

Compatible with Open Cities. You get teleported outside the cities, so NPCs don't see you appear out of nowhere.
Compatible with Project AHO.

Already cleaned with xEdit. Requires all DLCs.
Recommended to load after mods that edit landscape.
No adoption support, but any author is welcome to make a patch. I will add it to the page.
Fish, butterflies, jazbay and juniper do not respawn, so be careful if you want them around.

Buyable version Patch


Redoran Grove is based in Solstheim and looks dull compared to Ebongrove. I guess its lifeless looks go well with Solstheim's landscape, but the difference isn't only about aesthetic upgrades. In Ebongrove I fixed the cell data, added new items and scripts, and overall made sure it is bright, comfortable and technically solid. Enjoy!

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Behold! Same ENB, better mod!

THE STORY - Revisited
(... for loremongers like me)

Years ago, a couple of Dunmer refugees took to heart the fate of Raven Rock. In fact, after its ebony mine died, the East Empire Company abandoned the settlement and its people. While Ravys failed to restore a connection with the traders, his wife Vatya crafted a spell that would allow the teleportation of supplies to Raven Rock. However, something was preventing her magic to work on Solstheim, and she embarked to investigate. Once on the island, Vatya engaged in experiments that made several ash urns appear in the cave, but she couldn't send them back. As a Ienth, Ravys knew how to make use of the ash contained in the urns. He grew plants and trees around the cave, a process made easier by the warmth of the dwemer sun, and so he endured the absence of his wife. 
Months passed, and Ravys discovered the benefits of a power that could get him anywhere at anytime... but instead of using the magic for his own gain, he took care of the cave to make it livable and gorgeous for his wife's return. He eventually received a suspicious letter from her, in which she mentioned the use of a dark power contained in a dangerous book. He immediately departed to see her, leaving Ebongrove unguarded. (I know Skyrim came out years ago, but I'll let you guess what happened to avoid spoilers on Dragonborn DLC.)