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This mod adds 31 new food items to the wasteland which can be used just like vanilla food items. Most food items are actual products from the 50's which brings a more realistic feel to the game.

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Changelog 1.4
-Removed coffee(the addiction was too buggy, so now it's gone)
-Added Creamed Corn as a replacement for coffee
-Removed the addiction for Satan's Nectar.(Satans Nectar is rare, so I see no point for it to have an addiction factor)
-Adjusted a few stats so the food items will give you more health,hydration, ect,ect

Are you a hardcore gamer that's sick of seeing the same old Insta Mash and Cram boxes every time you have to look for food? Or are you just bored of the same old food you see lying about. Lets face it, the only can good you can consume is a can of pork and beans! I like variety! Which is why I created these new food items. Finally the wasteland is just a little bit less boring.
My intent was to make these items seem like they were part of the game to begin with. I have made sure that these new foods don't LOOK new at all.(I scuffed them up quite a bit) The food labels are from the 1950s, so they will blend into the games surroundings and atmosphere just like any other food item.(Actually no, they blend in BETTER than any other food item. And all the new food labels are in HD)

*This mod is for EVERYBODY, It's not just for hardcore gamers. Everyone can enjoy the new items in thier game experience.

Use this mod simultaneously with my other mod Urban Food Re-Tex
Using both mods together will enhance your food hunting experience throughout the entire Mojave.

Also a patch is available that removes all healing. Install after the main install. Get it here: No Healing Thank you hauzzer for your contribution. Cheers!