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Adds in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 style chems to FNV, with some unique custom ones as well.

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To be frank, there isn't much to say about it. Fallout 4 and 76 featured the ability to combine chems into more potent variations. This has been expanded upon due to the extra chems already in FNV.

Fully compatible with TTW and any other overhaul mod. Done 95% with scripts. Jack wasn't cooperating so I had to give him a stash of chems hidden somewhere in the world. If you find them they're yours!

Alright I lied, there's more to say.
  • Chems can be purchased from Jack at Red Rock Canyon Drug Lab, and can rarely be found on fiends.
  • Ghouls drop Irradiated Blood Packs, which are used in crafting. 
  • Healing Salves from F76 have been recreated in FNV by using some native flora, similar to how it's done in 76.
  • Refreshing Beverage had also been added, and is super strong. No matter what though, it heals over time, and removes radiation over time.
  • Super Stimpaks can be dilluted into normal stims, normal stims can be dilluted into Dilluted Stimpaks.
  • Stimpaks have been given a secondary crafting recipe based off of the one from 76. This requires Medicine skill to craft, and it is done at a cooking source.
  • Dilluted Stimpaks can be found wherever healing items can normally spawn - except for hand-placed ones.

A few key features should be noted - consuming Psycho-type chems will give Empty Psycho Containers, Injecting Med-X/Stimpak variations will give Empty Surgical Syringes, and consuming Jet-type chems will give Empty Jet Containers. Some of these are used in crafting recipes, and if not, well they can simply be sold.
  • Anything that changes Jet, Psycho, Med-X, Stimpaks, or Hydra will remove this feature
  • A workaround is being thought up of.
  • A "harder" version is being developed

The Chemist perk has also been lowered in level and requirement, simply to allow younger level characters to craft some of these recipes. 

You can expect Buffout, Psycho, Jet, Med-X, Hydra, and Turbo variations within this mod.