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About this mod

Need a challenge, or maybe some immersion? This mod will add 20+ diseases to Fallout: New Vegas, which you and NPCs can catch from a variety of situations. This mod also includes modified AI, Combat, and Stealth, and numerous Item edits. All edited in a way to avoid mod conflicts as much as possible.

Permissions and credits

Ever wondered why drinking out of a dirty toilet was perfectly safe, or why eating raw meat was nothing to worry about? Or how about being wounded, but not at risk of infection or other health conditions? Maybe you want something a little closer to real-life? Or maybe Fallout: New Vegas is just too easy for you, and you want a much greater challenge, filled with immersion. If so, look no further. SurvivalCore modifies many gameplay aspects, including adding its own sickness and disease system into the game through scripting. This was all done in a way to avoid mod conflicts as much as possible, but more about that later. There is a lot to cover, so we'll split this into segments.

Don't worry about remembering everything. A guide will be added to your notes when you start the game that will contain everything found here, and in more detail. You can also find the guide in the files section and on the forums.

Also please note that certain features are configurable in the Mod Configuration Menu if you find them to be too difficult or overwhelming. Everything you read here will be as if you left the mod settings on their defaults.

SurvivalCore is currently in Beta. There are still plans for more content.

Currently Planned Content For Beta:
  • MCM activated scenarios that do crazy things with diseases (like a massive Plague or Beauveria Mordicana outbreak), just for fun.
  • Smaller scale, less severe events (such as a flu season).
  • Difficulty Settings MCM Menu to fit the mod.
  • Equipment revision for some characters. (More to come)
  • Disease related player perks and traits. (More to come)
  • Mod Tooltips.

Next Update Progress:
  • A Bulk-toggle feature for many MCM options, to provide compatibility with mods that change the same things. (not started)
  • More equipment revisions for NPCs. (completed)
  • An alert which will let the player know in advance that they are going to vomit. (completed)
  • More perks/traits. (not started)
  • MCM settings for infection chances. (not started)
  • Review player infection mechanics. (completed)
  • Rebalance the Dead Money DLC. (not started)
  • Change Sleep Deprivation so that it won't drain health during sleeping. (completed)
  • Add a disease self-diagnostic item. (completed)
  • Fix MRE not giving nutrition to the player. (completed)
  • Fix irradiated fountains not hydrating the player. (completed)
  • Fix a severe bug with the Monocyte Breeder Implant infecting the player with Madre-C, S/22x, and Hemolysis. (completed)

Here is what we will cover inside the spoiler tag:
  • Disease and Sickness
  • Item Edits
  • New Action Points Mechanics
  • New Primary Needs Mechanics
  • Combat and Stealth
  • Other Changes
  • Mod Configuration Menu


SurvivalCore was designed in such a way to avoid as many conflicts with other mods as possible. It does this with the use of script extenders, and editing the forms through code, rather than editing the form directly in xEdit or the GECK. Doing this can result in only partial conflicts, not full ones. If that isn't clear, then read the spoiler tag below for clarification.


If you find a mod conflict, let me know.

Conflicting Mods:
Orange = Has Full Form Conflicts | Yellow = Has Partial Form Conflicts | Purple = Critical ConflictGreen = Concept Clash

  • Ultimate Illness Mod
  • The Ezekiel Project - This mod might crash your game when installed with SurvivalCore. Be aware.
  • BLEED - Fire and poison damage effects.


Before installing this mod, make sure you have ALL the mod requirements installed first! Make sure they are the latest versions. This is very important, you will break your game if you don't do this beforehand.

Do NOT install this mod for an already existing saved game, it is unlikely to be compatible! Install the mod first, then start a new game for optimal performance. Furthermore, by installing this mod and starting a new game, you are now fully committed to keeping the mod active for that saved game at all times. Do NOT disable the mod if you plan on continuing a save that has this mod already loaded! Any reports of bugs that have dismissed this advice, will in turn, be dismissed.

Now with that out of the way, let's begin.

If you have a mod manager, simply download this mod and install it with that like you would with most other mods. If you want to do a manual installation, follow the steps below: 

  1. Download the mod from the files tab
  2. Unzip the SurvivalCore mod archive.
  3. Locate your Fallout: New Vegas directory.
  4. Copy & Paste all the folders and files from the mod archive, into the data folder of Fallout: New Vegas.
  5. If you haven't yet done archive invalidation, do that before continuing.
  6. Play in Hardcore mode. Nothing bad will happen if you don't, but you won't get the mod's full functionality if you leave it disabled.
  7. Enjoy! Thanks for the playing with SurvivalCore!

If you are updating SurvivalCore to a newer version, read the instructions below.

Please note that in some cases, not all updates will be save compatible. I will let you know when an update is like that, though.

1. Make sure you uninstall your current version of SurvivalCore first.
2. Once uninstalled, immediately install the updated version.
3. If you get any warnings about updating your NVSE plugins when running the game, be sure to do that before playing.

If you are looking to uninstall SurvivalCore, read the instructions below.

Do NOT uninstall or disable this mod and then proceed to play a saved game that had this mod loaded. You will almost certainly run into instability issues with that save!

If you have installed this with a mod manager, then uninstall it the way you would other mods. If you are doing a manual uninstallation, then follow the steps below:

  1. Locate the 'SurvivalCore' folder in the Meshes, Textures, Sound, and Music folders. Once found, delete them.
  2. Go to your 'Config' folder, delete the SurvivalCore.ini located there.
  3. Go to your main Fallout: New Vegas directory, and delete anything beginning with 'SurvivalCore' there.
  4. Delete 'SurvivalCore.esm' from your Data folder.
  5. You have now fully uninstalled the mod.

This mod is currently in Beta. Moreover, this is my first mod release ever. This mod is large enough, that I am fully expecting there to be bugs lurking somewhere that I missed. I've done my best to fix all the bugs that were found during testing, so the mod is in a playable state. Just be advised.

If you find any bugs related to this mod, report them in the bug section. Do not report them elsewhere, they're unlikely to be seen. If you report a bug, please go into as much detail as you can. I cannot help you if your report is too vague.

If you would like some console information when testing the mod for issues, go to the 'Config' folder, inside your 'Data' folder in your FNV directory. Open SurvivalCore.ini, and change the settings under the 'Debug' section.

Known Bugs

  • None currently reported.



A Special Thanks Goes Out To:

The NVSE team - For creating NVSE, the foundation of modern mods.
jazzisparis - For creating the JIP extension to NVSE, this mod wouldn't exist without this.
carxt - For creating the JohnnyGuitar NVSE extension, making this mod became easier.
prideslayer - For allowing free-use of NX NVSE from loverslab. This used to be required for SurvivalCore prior v1.04-beta
Pelinor - For the Mod Configuration Menu. SurvivalCore should be less scary for more casual players to use, thanks to this. ; )
rehmk5 - For the very generous donations, and also for bug-finding and play-testing.
Delta1038 - For thorough beta testing of the mod.
Bethesda and Obsidian - For Fallout: New Vegas.
Everyone who downloaded this mod - Your support means a lot.

and finally...

The BBCode Team -
For making spoiler tags to contain where the weapons are from this mod for those who want to know now. heh :>