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Brings the illness game mechanic from Fallout 4 to New Vegas.

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Important: This mod was build only with the Hardcore Mode setting in mind and most of the script variables depend on the H20, FOD and SLP meters. Therefore I must insist you play this mod with Hardcore Mode set to ON or unwanted side effects may happen. You have been warned.


Short description

This mod adds 6 illnesses that the player can get from wandering into the Wasteland: Parasites, Infection, LethargyFatigue, Insomnia and Weakness. All of them are inspired from Fallout 4 survival mode and come with their unique symptoms and different ways to contract. Illnesses become easier to resist the higher your Endurance and Luck stats are. Each illness can be cured by using Antibiotics, which are pretty rare to find and expensive to buy. You can also cure them by speaking with a doctor using the "I'm hurt" dialogue option or taking the "Basic Physical Exam" option from the OWB autodoc.

Long description(brace yourself, wall of text incoming)

Here I will describe each illness and how do they work.

Cause: This one is pretty easy to avoid. Eating raw meat and drinking from unsafe water sources such as rivers and lakes will put you at risk of getting this disease. Luck and Endurance stats will help you avoid contracting it.
Symptoms: Your body will require more food to eat. In other words, your FOD meter will increase much faster.
Cure: The only way to cure it is from antibiotic injections.

Cause: This one is the easiest to get in the Wasteland. Getting shot, hit or bitten will put you at risk of getting this disease. There is a higher chance to get infected from Creature attacks(coyotes, centaurs, mole rats, etc). Luck, Endurance and Strength stats will help you avoid contracting it.
Symptoms: You take continuous but slow health damage. The higher the Endurance and Strength stats are, the lower the health damage.
Cure: Antibiotics, or you can wait for it to go away. Luck and Endurance stats will lower the time until it heals by itself.

Cause: You can get this from having any other illness or carrying more weight than 90% of your total carry capacity.
Symptoms: Your SLP meter will increase much faster. You get tired much easier.
Cure: Antibiotics, or being rested in general. Keeping your SLP meter less than 150 for a certain period of time will cure it eventually.

Cause: You can get this from suffering from any other illnesses.
Symptoms: Your action points regenerate 50% slower.
Cure: Antibiotics, or waiting it out. The higher your Endurance and Luck stats are, the faster it will go away naturally.

Cause: Usually, you get this from infections or parasites illnesses.
Symptoms: You get much less rest from sleeping. 
Cure: Antibiotics, or not having any infection or parasites illness. It takes some time to go away.

Cause: You can get this from having one or more illnesses. It is the worst sickness you can ever have. It's why I've put it the last on this list.
Symptoms: A whopping -25% Damage Resistance penalty.
Cure: Antibiotics, or not having any illnesses. It takes a long way to be naturally cured. Use of antibiotics as soon as possible is highly recommended instead of waiting it to go away.

Other features:
- For each 2 points in the Endurance stat, the maximum number of illnesses you can have simultaneously is decreased by 1.
- Decreased the rate of player's passive HP regeneration in order to make the Infection illness more effective

Antibiotics and how do they work
You can find them in containers throughout the Wasteland or buy them from a Vendor. They are rarer than stimpaks so it's highly recommended to buy as many as you can if you encounter someone who has some for sale.

To cure illness, you have to use them from the inventory (AID section). This is where your Medicine skill starts to kick in. The higher your Medicine skill, the lower the chance for the antibiotic to NOT have any effect at all.

In order to prevent save-scumming for the antibiotic to take effect(which means you keep saving, using the antibiotic, and reloading until that antibiotic cures the illness), I made it so that the current save file stores the next 20 results of antibiotic use.

Antibiotic Resistance
Everytime you use an antibiotic, there is a chance that you will get Antibiotic Resistance, which means your antibiotics will have less effectiveness on combating illnesses. The higher your Medicine skill, Luck stat and Level, the lower the chance for your illnesses to resist to antibiotics.

The antibiotic resistance of your illnesses will go away in time, ONLY if you avoid using antibiotics during that time. Using antibiotics while you are already affected by antibiotic resistance has a chance of extending that time.

The higher your Luck and Medicine stat, the smaller the timeframe until the antibiotic resistance effect wears off and of extending the time of the antibiotic resistance effect.


Since version 1.5, this mod is 90% composed of added assets with only a few modified vanilla leveled lists(only to add antibiotics to vendors and random containers) and a change to the result script of stage 10 of VDoctors quest. The game settings which affect the player's passive HP regen have been changed as well.

If one of the mods that you currently have has changed the VDoctors quest you may have to do some manual script merging using the GECK. Otherwise a merged patch should do it.

Installation: Place the Ultimate Illness Mod.esp file into the Data folder.

Uninstallation: If you want to uninstall the mod or you want to update to version 1.5 or above from 1.4 or lower, you need to do the following steps:

1). Load the game and make sure you don't have any illnesses. If you have, you can easily cure them using the following console commands:

- player.dispel XX000801
- player.dispel XX000802
- player.dispel XX000803
- player.dispel XX000805
- player.dispel XX000806
- player.dispel XX000807
Where XX is the index of this mod's load order. You can see the index in any mod manager you are using.

2). Now you need to make sure that you don't have any illnesses. Check the pipboy's EFF Tab.

3). If you are 100% sure you don't have any illnesses, save the game.

4). Remove Ultimate Illness Mod.esp/.esm and the Doctor Cure Addon from the Data folder.


luthienanarion and jazzisparis for their amazing NVSE extensions.