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Adds Vim! from Fallout 4's Far Harbor to the Mojave!

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Big thanks to Alchestbreach for featuring my Vim! in his video!

So I was playing Far Harbor and I found the Vim! factory and drinks, so seeing as nobody has yet uploaded a Vim! mod to for FNV, I decided id be the one to do it.

This mod adds all vim drink products to the levelled lists, so that you may find it amongst other soft drinks. The effects of Vim! are identical to Nuka-Cola as of now, so this mod is mostly just a fun gimmick, but still, I know someone will enjoy this.

If desired, I will edit the effects of Vim! in the future.

Vim! vending machines are also hear, there are a total of 30 scattered over the Mojave.  

There is also a retextured suit of vim themed T-51b power armor that can be found in a truck near the Mojave Outpost, and a suit of vim refresh themed T-51b power armor that can be found outside vegas, see location reference images, if you still cant find any suit, talk to me.  

Head over to http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/61975/? for project Nevada support on the Vim T51b suit and edited vim drink stats

What else?
In future updates, I plan on making Vim lore, More Vim power armors, Vim posters and adverts, and hopefully a Vim mini quest.