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Overhauls various aspects of water in New Vegas to add more variety, make radiation-free water more scarce, and increase difficulty. Includes a highly compatible water bottling system allowing you to fill empty bottles at any water source.

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Water Overhaul
All Official DLC (excluding Couriers Stash)
New Vegas Script Extender
JohnnyGuitar NVSE Plugin (optional)


I've never been one for realism, but it's always irked me that the Mojave Wasteland is meant to be a nuclear-scarred desert, yet clean water seems in plentiful supply. Sure, I get that Obsidian probably wanted to push the idea that Vegas weathered the war well, but in my opinion the abundance of radiation-free water ruins the post-nuclear survival aspect of Hardcore mode. And besides, I find it more plausible that fallout from more devastated regions would find its way into the Mojave's groundwater due to meteorological dispersion, and these particulates would still be radioactive, even 200 years after the war.


Water Variety

Water has been separated into five different tiers, including two new items. In order of increasing desirability these are: Purified Water, Dirty Water, Bad Water, Terrible Water, and Irradiated Water. The effects of water sources have been changed to exactly mirror the effects of their bottled water counterparts at max survival skill - therefore bottled water is generally less effective, but you can take it with you. Various water types have their effects remapped to make radiation-free water more scarce. Bottled Clean and Dirty Water has a chance to be randomly replaced with the different water types to increase variety.

Universal Water Bottling

Water Overhaul includes a highly compatible water bottling system. Whenever you consume a bottled item, you'll receive a generic Empty Bottle item (which has a unique model courtesy of Jokerine). Likewise, picking up any empty bottle (Nuka Cola, Whiskey, etc) will replace it with one of these generic bottles too. When facing a water source you can press the B key to fill an Empty Bottle. Simple. This will work with any water source from any mod. You can also empty bottled items by highlighting them in your inventory and pressing the key, giving you the Empty Bottle without having to drink the item.

By default, only vanilla and DLC bottled items are compatible with this feature but, by holding LCTRL + pressing the customisable key with an item highlighted in your inventory, you can register any mod-added items so they are also recognised as bottled items.

The downside to the 'one bottle to rule them all' system is that it means there is some shape-shifting going on. Picking up a Nuka Cola bottle and filling it at a river still produces the usual-looking water bottle item, but in my opinion the flexibility of the system more than outweighs this small negative.

More Rads

By default, radiation on all consumables has been increased dramatically. In my opinion this greater improves the difficulty of Hardcore, as food and water radiation was hardly an issue in the vanilla game. There are three presets for this change if you don't like the default: Low (vanilla), Med (x1.75), and High (x2.5, default).

Water is more radioactive than most other food. This is for balance, since you can now 'create' water items by filling bottles at any source, and these bottles can be reused to your heart's content.

Conservation of Mass Bottles

In vanilla, some recipes produce bottled items even though they require no bottles or bottled items, and others produce less bottled items than they require. These bottles seem to be appearing and disappearing into thin air! Water Overhaul applies the simple concept of 'bottles in equals bottles out'; many recipes have been edited to require Empty Bottles, or produce spare ones accordingly. As an added extra, collecting Cloud Residue in Dead Money now requires you to use an Empty Bottle.


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This mod can be safety uninstalled at any time and will have no permanent effects on your game.

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