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Tired? Need some pep in your punches? Try Staminan XX!

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Stamainan XX is now available in the Mojave! They can be found here and there, usually in Nuka Cola machines, but mostly can be crafted from a campfire.

These little fellas pack a punch, so they're a little hard to come by... I think. I tried to balance it so you can't just build a huge stockpile from a new save game in the first few minutes.

Nutritional facts!
Effects upon drinking include:
Healing of 36 hp over 2 seconds*
Increasing your AP by 20 for 120 seconds*
Restoring your hydration by 50*

*Base stats listed, individual experiences with Staminan XX can and will be affected by Survival and Medicine skills and/or perks

Can be crafted by mixing the following at any campfire (Requires medicine 35):
1 purified water
1 Buffout
1 Honey Mesquite Pod
1 Prickly Pear Cactus Fruit

So what are you waiting for? Get Staminan XX today!