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Fallout New Vegas ready purified and unpurified water bottle textures and meshes. You'll never look at water containers the same!

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HiRes Water Bottle Textures and Meshes


This is a Purified and Unpurified Water Bottle texture and mesh replacer ready to use for Fallout New Vegas.
The old texture and meshes were sooooooo bad and this fixes it with a more realistic overall look!
NO .ESP IS REQUIRED ANYMORE IN VERSION 1.1! Thanks to pixelhate for helping me realize.

---!Also check out these dank Skill Book HiRes Textures!---

Skykappa3000 owns all the credit for these eye watering textures and meshes (DISCLAIMER: no pun intended).

1.Extract the Data folder inside of the archive to your Fallout New Vegas root directory. AS OF VERSION 1.1, NO ESP IS REQUIERED!
  Use the NMM Downloader and activate. No .esp for version 1.1!
2.Edit your Fallout.ini file, located in your My Games/FalloutNV folder, changing the
  binvalidateolderfilesvalue to 1 ( binvalidateolderfiles=1).


1. Delete the bottle textures and meshes in their clutter folders. Delete the .esp in Data also!
2. Update your Archiveinvalidation text.


Don't use any of this mods file resources for ONLY your own Fallout New Vegas mods without credit from skykappa3000 and myself. Please only credit skykappa if you use these for other games!