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You ever think "golly gee willikers I sure do like that mutation system from 76 but my crippling social anxiety prevents me from playing"? No? Well, neither do I but I've got a formula to stick to so here we are. This mod recreates 76's mutation system as closely as possible in NV.

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This mod recreates the mutation system as seen in FO76. Most of the existing mutations were transferred over apart from Carnivore, Herbivore, and Plague Walker, which either proved extremely difficult to implement, or lacked an equivalent prerequisite to function. Mutations offer both positive and negative effects, think of them like pseudo-traits. Speaking of traits, there is a new trait that can be taken at the start of the game that reduces said negative effects of mutations by a significant margin.

Mutations can be gained in a few ways, either by exposing yourself to radiation, the higher the dose the more likely you are to mutate, or by injecting yourself with serums. Serums can be found being sold by certain doctors around the wasteland, however they can also be crafted at a workbench, provided that you have 100 Science. In addition to providing a mutation, serums also temporarily suppress the downsides to the given mutation.

Mutations can be removed in two ways, either via RadAway or a new chem item called Mutate-Away. RadAway has a chance to remove one random mutation each time you use one, while Mutate-Away has a guaranteed chance to remove one random mutation. Mutate-Away can be found randomly in the world as well as being able to be crafted. If you would like to keep your mutations, but need to get rid of their effects for a moment, Rad-X can be used to temporarily suppress all effects.

Should you like your current mutation setup, Dr. Usanagi sells a Gene Starcher, which lets you lock your current mutations, preventing you from either gaining or losing them. The Gene Starcher is re-usable, and will toggle whether or not you can lose/gain mutations each time you use it.

For detailed information on all the mutations present in the mod, expand the following spoiler:



JIP LN Plugin


Mimaah - For making the custom Vault Boy icons.
TrueVoidwalker - For making the TTW patch.