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Delicious recipes made with that Southwestern kick - Fallout 4 crafting meals made available in New Vegas.

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Fallout 4 is a bad game, but they did spend a respectable amount of effort on making interesting dishes for the player to cook. A good majority of those recipes can be reconstructed in New Vegas (and, in the future, Tale of Two Wastelands) so I decided to express package a cookbook up.

Detailed Changes:
This mod adds 14 new recipes and associated food items to the campfire menu, plus an additional 2 raw ingredients that you can harvest from the desert's apex predators. The dishes require a wide range of ingredients and skill levels, and produce a few interesting effects.

I've also taken the liberty of including a few small changes: I've implemented Yukichigai's Radscorpion Egg - Restoration as you'll need to track down a couple of those to finish one of the recipes. I've also made significant changes to several food-related levelled lists to remove instances of "Rat Meat" and replace them with "Giant Rat Meat" to better accommodate another recipe. Finally, I've overhauled the menu at the Ultra Luxe's Gourmand, so that several of the fancier treats (plus a few vanilla entrées) are for sale in the one place that ought to have good food.

I've included two .esps in the file - the main version of the mod, and a "More Hardcore" version that contains slightly weaker versions of the new food items. The main changes in the More Hardcore version are the removal of HP restoration in hardcore mode, and some slight reductions in stat ups that I thought were overkill in translating them from Fallout 4. Use only one!

PickleJar/Nitty = Me, the one who threw this together.