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Makes fast travel cost one purified water and one of either a trail mix or caravan lunch, with a perk to lower/remove the requirement. Trail Mixes and Caravan Lunches have also been added to vendor inventories.

Permissions and credits
I was intrigued JSawyer Ultimate Edition's feature that makes fast travelling require either a trail mix or caravan lunch, but I wanted something a little more extensive (plus I'm using Vicious Wastes for this playthrough so I didn't have the option) so I decided to make something similar myself. Along with the vanilla fast travel requirements (have to be outside, can't be taking radiation damage, etc.) fast travel now requires two things:

With no perks:
(1) - Purified Water (dirty water will not work) 
(1) - Either a Trail Mix or Caravan Lunch. These items are relatively annoying to craft/obtain in vanilla, so they've been added to some vendor lists to make acquiring them easier. No changes have been made to Purified Water 

With the first rank of the "Well Travelled" perk:
(1) - Purified Water (dirty water still will not work)

With the second rank of the "Well Travelled" perk:
No requirements other than vanilla

The Well Travelled perk has two ranks can requires level 10 and 40 Survival Skill

The items required to fast travel will be consumed upon fast travelling

Recommended Mods:
Caravan Travel by elr0y7 for a way to still fast travel if you don't have the requirements
Less Map Markers by Nehred to limit the locations you can fast travel to and incentivize exploring 

- Requires xNVSE and JIP LN NVSE
- This mod has one script that runs the first time a menu is initialized, the rest of the mod is handled through event handlers
- Edits no vanilla records so should be compatible with everything

PushTheWinButton - JSawyer Ultimate Edition and the idea/inspiration
Zebumper - For making the mod automatically compatible with their wonderful Animated Ingestibles mod