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New models and texturesfor all alcohol bottles in fallout 3\new vegas,
Models are optimized, and will not impact performances, but greatly improve the overall look.
Textures available in 2k(default), or 1k resolution.

Permissions and credits
Alcohol Bottles OVERHAUL - by zzjay

Includes new models and textures for:

- Whiskey
- Scotch
- Tequila \ Large tequila bottle
- Dixon's whiskey
- Sierra Madre martini
- Vodka
- Battle brew
- Atomic cocktail
- Absinthe
- Beer
- Wine
- Sunset Sarsaparilla
- Moonshine 
- Jake Juice - NEW

ESP is needed to assign new models to some of the bottles.
Mod also fixes incorrect weight of empty scotch bottle.

You can also find merged patches in optional files, that will merge this mod with my other "nuka cola" mod. (choose the appropriate version, and you can disable the unmerged plugins.)


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zzjay > Models and textures and all edits.
Vodka Bottle base texture by sergeilihandristov
Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
Beer Bottle (base mesh) by Darren.Hogan
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International:
All models were tweaked and adapted.
OldPaper and
Paper by Ftourini

Jmenaru > cubemap
humus > cubemapsHumus cubemaps are licensed under Creative Common License 3.0

Many thanks to 7thNighthawk for the pictures
Many Thanks to mrrippe for commissioning Jake Juice