Fallout New Vegas

About this mod

MOD DISCONTINUED, check "Animated Ingestibles" mod instead.
Animations for the player and/or NPCs when eating, drinking and using chems ! Also add an optional Empty Bottles System and a Bottled Water system. Three mods in one ! TTW friendly.

Permissions and credits
check the *new* version of the animation module
check the *new* version of the bottled water module
check this alternative to replace the empty things module
or Empty Things (by myself) 

This mod is discontinued. Use it only if you want to try the NPC part.
  • NVSE
  • MCM (if you want to be able to change the settings)
-> bAllowActivateWhileAnimPlays=1 in the .ini file of this mod will allow you to open doors, talk to people and make another cool things while eating/drinking. This is a must have !
(to work properly, these mods must not have been merged with others)

  • Solid Project
  • 'Smoke cigs' mods
=> In order to make your own mods compatible, take a look at the 'articles' tab.

UPDATING : when updating the mod, don't forget to check the MCM. Major features may have been reset.
Modules. Each can be enabled or disabled in the MCM :

POV Options
Set if animation can run while in first person. I recommend using the option "Force third person view." It's safer. Nevertheless, I tried to make the mod compatible with Enhanced Camera. There is clipping, it is far from perfect, but it is possible to see the animations in 1st person. If you want to avoid too much clipping, try to set fCameraPosY to 4.0 (and optionally bUseThirdPersonArms to 1) in the Enhanced Camera's .ini.

Remove Helmet
Automatically remove the helmet during animations and re-equip it at the end. Works only for helmet covering the entire head, such as Power Armor's.

Chems animations in Power Armor
Do animations start when you wear a power armor. You can skip or not the animation when wearing a Power Armor. Disable this option simulates the fact that chems are self-injected to the player by the armor.

You can force the player to walk when playing an animation.

In Combat
Enables or disables the animations if you're in combat. Now that you can manually stop or pause animations, you can set this to ON safely, it's very challenging.

Eat sitting bonus
Gives you a little bonus effect when eating non-junk food on a chair or a stool. Because doctors say it's better for your health.

Timescale adjuster
You can change the timescale when eating while sitting or motionless.

Animation running x times
Animation will play at least x times (you can configure this x). Use this if you want longer animations. Some animations will however be voluntarily longer such as Caravan Meal. It is not recommended to set this to more than 1 if you play in Hardcore mode without the 'Food in a Row' option because it makes the animation chains, frequent in this mode, really long...

In a row feature
Enable or disable the possibility of consuming the same Chem, Drink or Food item several times in succession but playing only one animation. Note that if the 'bottle on a ground' function is activated, only 1 copy of the empty item can go to the ground. The others will remain in the inventory.

Hurting Syringe
Using a syringe while running hurt you (a little).

NPC Support for Chems
Only for stimpaks.

NPC Support for Drinks and Food
Small clarification: I didn't want this part of the mod as substantial as that for the player. So the animations for NPCs are limited to a few models. Even by choosing the "Consumption" trigger, the NPC animations will not necessarily represent the object consumed. For me it's more than enough, I didn't plan to develop this part further.
  • Trigger type :
manage how animations for NPCs can be launched. Can be set on CONSUMPTION (animations start only when an NPC consumes an item), RANDOM (the animations are launched randomly without the NPC needing to consume the element) or BOTH.
  • Timer and Chance :
Chance that a NPC play an animation when a certain delay is over (only for RANDOM and BOTH trigger types.)
  • Only in interiors :
NPC animation only for NPC in interior cells
  • Bottle on the ground for NPC :
You can enable, disable and configure this function which works roughly like the one for the player. Let NPCs pollute the world and bloat your save !

Shoot to pause animations
You can now pause animations by pressing the SHOOT key. Animations will restart after a certain delay (configurable in the 'General' settings) and can wait the end of a fight (also configurable).

Important : You can cancel all the animation row by holding down the Holster key ("R"). Use it if the mod seems stuck.


Empty Things
Set if items give you an "empty" version after consumption.
  • OFF : disable the Empty Things Module (Vanilla flavor. Use it also if you're playing with another empty bottle mod, or another "bottle the water" mod than mine.)
  • ON > Inventory : add an empty item in your inventory
  • ON > Ground : drop an empty item on the ground (at the end of the animation)
  • ON > Ground only if moving : add an empty item in your inventory while motionless, drop it on the ground at the end of animation if moving
Note : if ON, a script will change the weight of empty vanilla items so they are lighter than full models.

Force Inventory for Chems
You can force an empty chem to go in your inventory instead dropping it on the ground. Cancels and replaces the setting above for chems only. Because syringes and jet inhalers are small objects that are sometimes hard to see on the ground!

Empty Bottles
Set how empty bottle models that do not exist in vanilla game are handled.
  • drinks give Scotch empty bottle
  • drinks give Soda empty bottle
  • give Soda or Scotch depending of the item
  • use new models : add empty water, beer, absinthe, vodka, martini, moonshine and wine bottles to the game.

Distribute New Models
Turns ON/OFF the presence of new models of empty bottles worldwide and in merchant's stocks.


Set the chance of breaking a fragile (glass-made) empty thing after consumption. Mimics the effect of vanilla black coffee.

Item Families
Choose which item families give an empty thing.

Recipes changes
Change vanilla recipes and add some other ones for better integration and use of empty things. Use this if the 'Empty Things' module is ON. This feature was already here in previous versions but could not be disabled. Now you can !


Bottled Water
AIM (right mouse click by default) at a water source and activate it : you will be able to transform your empty bottles into water bottles. You can configure with the MCM which empty bottles can be filled. Water bottles in your inventory that are of lower quality than the water source will be replaced as well.

Bottles that can be filled
You can choose which empty bottle can be filled.

Pure water is for dummies...
Enable this if you want that pure water sources give unpurified water bottles. It may not be scientifically accurate, but it makes pure water a bit more challenging and keep the 'mass purified water' vanilla recipe useful. With this option active, pure water simply can't be bottled (except with the OWB sink). You will have to buy it, find it or purify it yourself with vanilla solutions. I particularly like this feature but you're free to disable it.

...but pure water exists !
If you're using 'Pure water is for dummies', enable this to allow pure NATURALS water sources (water in the world in wich you can wade) to give purified water bottles.


Gamepad Support
Use this setting if your're playing with a controller. Obvious. You must have kept the default configuration of the following buttons on your controller: CHANGE POV (to make the "force 3rd person view" function work), AIM (for the Bottled Water part) and SHOOT (to make the "pause animations for shooting" part work).

Only One Animation
Consume a lot of item, play only one animation.

Hotkey to avoid animation
Configure and hold a command or an hotkey to avoid animation when using an item.

Minor changes to vanilla game :
The Sink of OWB should accept new empty bottles models (not tested).

End note : the number of animation being played in a row is limited to 16. After that item won't play animation but still give you an empty bottle.

You can easily pause or stop my mod's animation when needed :

To remove the animation from an object: use the ListRemoveForm command and use the lists given in the article (article tab). The script carrying out this must be launched very quickly (quest delay < 0.3) in MenuMode 4
To pause the animations row :
All you need to do is start the following quest via a script: xx03C2A3. This allows you to wait for the end of the current animation and to prevent the next ones from triggering (when several objects are consumed).
Remember to stop the quest then in order to resume the animations.
To stop the current animation and clear the animation row :
All you need to do is start the quest : xx03E67B.
This will have the effect of immediately stopping the current animation and completely canceling all the following ones. You don't need to stop this 'stop' quest, it will be done by itself.

Credits bluebellfairy for animations and animated objects (Animated Food for Fallout 3 & Animated Chems for NV)
Without these, no mod...
| FLipdeezy for animation and animated objects tweaks and upgrades

Thanks :
coolaid4852, orlando1969 & Asterra for their constructive comments
akanelove for helping me to fix bugs :)
PushTheWinButtonSolarTails for their "waters" mods whose scripts helped me to set up the "water in a bottle" part of my mod
Pelinor for the wonderful MCM  system