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Replaces Nuka colas, and bottlecaps with higher quality ones.

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If you're looking for animated injestible version, the mod has now added a patch as optional file.


New meshes and textures for the Fallout New Vegas Nuka Colas and bottlecaps.
Items are inspired by the Fallout 4 aestethics which was used as an inspiration, but no asset comes from the game itself.

There are 2 versions of this mod:

Vanilla Edition, which is a simple mesh replacer, with no plugin, that replacs all "Nuka Cola Bottles" available in the game and its DLCs, and bottlecaps.
The Vanilla Edition also has a few optional versions to chose from:

  • Standard - (Main File) which is an ESP-less replacer of the Vanilla Colas, and caps.
  • Vanilla Uniques - Adds a plugin (ESP) that gives a unique model for NUKA RUM and ICE COLD NUKA COLA.
  • NVSE  - Does the same thign as Vanilla Uniques, except that it does so through xNVSE script, rather than using and ESP. This version is ESP-less, but has all of the features of the PLUGIN Version.
    NVSE Version requires - xNVSEJIPJohnny Guitar
Special thanks too ToddTellMeSweetLittleLies  for creating the NVSE Version of the mod.

- The Nuka World Imports Version
 is meant to replaces all the colas included in NUKA WORLD IMPORTS and it's recommented to be installed before this mod.
It replaces bottlecaps, and ALL NUKA COLAS added by that mod + all the Vanilla Colas.
Due to the nature of this mod, it'll always come with a PLUGIN (esp), because it adds several new flavors and distributes them in the world through a script.
Please note that Nuka World Imports will dynamically replace each nuka cola placed in the wasteland through a NVSE script. So you'll find all the new bottles in the game, without messing with leveled lists.
It's a really nice mod by nickheggo.

- Optional files also include:
  • Glowing Colas (transparent, or solid option)
  • Solid Colas (bottles will no longer be see through)
  • Lower res Textures (1k) for transparent version.

The mod now has an ALL IN ONE installer, that will run through a mod manager containing all the options, except the texture optionals.


This mod is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to display reflections correctly
Millenia's ENvironmental Map Shader Fix


Models Included:

- Nuka Cola 
- Nuka Cola Quartz, Quantum, Victory.
- Nuka Rum has now a separate model if the OPTIONAL plugin\fix is installed.

Nuka Imports Models include:
- Nuca Cola Cherry, Orange, Grape, Dark, Wild, Clear, and more.
- Nuka Mixes.

The Optional Plugin gives NukaRum a new model.
DO NOT USE THE PLUGIN if you are using NUKA IMPORTS. the fixes are included in the NUKA IMPORTS file.

TIP: If you do not want the plugin, you can simply wait, until the merged patch is live, along with the new alcohol bottles.


Nuka Cola Recieved a new high quality model.
Each Cola variant has its own label, as well as the new models introduced by NUKA WORLD IMPORTS by Nickheggo.

Courtesy of anathlyst


- New Alcohol beverages can be found in Baja Island.

Alcohol Bottles Overhaul

Better Guitars

Pool Table and Items

Sunglasses Overhaul

Nuka Cola Overhaul

Kitchen Set

Coffee Kettle Replacer

Better Books - Fallout3NV

Improved Rugs - HD

Khan Rugs Fixes



All models were edited and tweaked to fit the view of the creator and the purpose intended.
Textures and meshes are edited and modified or created by zzjay.
The original Model and Texture was created by Anathlyst, whithout whom this mod would not have been possible. Links available below.
Some of the items come from resources.

jmenaru > cubemap

ToddTellMeSweetLittleLies > for creating the NVSE Version of the mod.

Sketchfab models:
Nuka cola BASE Model by Anathlyst


LICENSE CC Attribution 4.0:

Additional credits:
7thNighthawk for the pics

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