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Dozens of new chems and alcohols, custom effects and visuals, blood toxicity tracking, alcohol level tracking, weaponizing chems. Countless features, check it out! You won't be able to go back to the boring vanilla chem experience.

Permissions and credits
MCM menu to toggle most features on and off.
A variety of smokable animated cigarettes.
Dozens of new chems from old fallout games and real life, with custom effects, visuals, meshes, and textures.
Dozens of new alcoholic drinks with custom meshes and textures.
Blood alcohol and toxicity tracking.
The ability to weaponize chems, either with a dart gun, or empty syringes.
Craft most chems at any chem lab found in the game.
Brew alcohol at any distillery you find.
In depth meth crafting.
Roll cigarettes, joints, blunts, and cigarillos on the go.
Load up the pipe or bong and smoke a bowl.
Melt down some pills and shoot them up.
Grow plants to make chems or brew alcohol.
New harvestable plants spread about the wasteland.
Third person animations for the fun of it.
New dealers and shops.
Uses NVSE for maximum compatibility.

Everything after this point is just details, NVSE is required!
This is all pretty outdated below, alot of it has been overhauled, even more has been added. needs to be updated, see the changelogs, comments, or images for more info on the mod :D

I do not endorse the use of most of these drugs in real life. Most of these drugs are terrible and cause terrible things. Others are great though. Here's hoping you enjoy the mod :D
Below you lies a wall of text, only necessary to read if your interested in details on the chems and brands of stuff. It's outdated, and the newer features can be found in the file changelogs.

New Chems/Medicines

These chems have been distributed throughout the appropriate leveled lists, and will appear in places you would normally find chems and medicine. Also increases the duration of all chems to 600 seconds from 240, with the exception of certain drugs. Will be modifying leveled lists later to make chems much rarer.
-Chems now have weight.
-Certain chems can cause an overdose if your taking too many powerful or dangerous chems.

2C-B: a powerful empathogen causing visual distortions and euphoria.
Visuals, Luck + 3, Intelligence + 2, Perception +1
Addiction: -10% Rad Resistance (Serotonin Sickness)
Slightly Addictive.

2C-E: is a strong entheogen that triggers potent visual effects, delusion, and a heightened awareness.
EFFECTS: Visuals, +2 luck, +3 Perception
Addiction: -10% Rad Resistance (Serotonin Sickness)
Slightly Addictive.

2C-I: is a psychedelic that provides intellectual stimulation, a sense of synchronicity, and visual distortions.
EFFECTS: Visuals, +5 luck
Addiction: -10% Rad Resistance (Serotonin Sickness)
Slightly Addictive.

Alprazolam: causes extreme muscle relaxation, sedation and mental slowness.
DR +25, Fire resist +25, AP -20, AGI -2
Addiction: Endurance -3, Strength -3 (Benzodiazepene Withdrawal)
Slightly Addictive

After Burner Gum: contains moderate doses of methamphetamine, cinnamon and sugar.
EFFECTS: AP+10, Damage Rads
Addiction: Meth Psycosis
Very small additiction chance.

Adderal: causes enhanced focus and CNS stimulation.
EFFECTS: AP+10, Perception +5, Charisma +1
Addiction: Amphetamine Withdrawal

Amphetamine: causes enhanced focus and CNS stimulation.
AP +15, Repair +15, Science +15
Addiction: Perception -2 (Amphetamine Withdrawal)
Mildly Addictive.

Aspirin: dulls pain.
+5 DR
Addiction: NONE

Bromo-DMA: is a psychedelic drug and substituted amphetamine.
Visuals, Intelligence +2, Luck +2, Endurance -1, Strength -1, gives amphetamine fix.
Addiction: NONE

Ceremonial Herbs: for your ceremonial rituals.
Luck +1, Ignore Crippled Limbs, INT -1
Addiction: NONE

Clonazepam: causes moderate muscle relaxation and mental slowness.
DR +20, AP - 10, AGI -2, Reduce Weapon Spread
Addiction: Endurance -3, Strength -3 (Benzodiazepene Withdrawal)
Moderately Addictive

Cocaine: speeds the metabolism and stimulates the brain's reward center.
Damage Head -10, AP +10, AGI +3
Addiction: Charisma -3 (Cocaine Withdrawal)
Highly Addictive

Dextromethorphan: is a dissociative anesthetic similar to PCP when taken in high doses.
Visuals, Carry Weight +50, AGI -2, INT -2
Addiction: Endurance -1, Strength -1 (DXM Withdrawal)
Slightly Addictive

Diazepam: a habit-forming muscle relaxant.
DR +10, AP -10, Reduce weapon spread.
Addiction: Endurance -3, Strength -3 (Benzo Withdrawal)
Mildly Addictive

Ephedrine: is a sympathomimetic amine commonly used as a stimulant.
Melee Damage +30%, Stimulants, removes sleep deprevation for duration of chem(sleepiness is restored once chem wears off and causes a crash)
Addiction: NONE

Epinephrine: A synthetic adrenaline, causing increased strength and speed.
Increase Speed 50%, Increase melee damage +5, AP +25, Endurance -1.
Addiction: NONE

Heroin: a potent and highly addictive painkiller.
+50 DR, -2 AGI, - 2 STR
Addiction: Charisma -2, Strength -1, Endurance -1 (Opiate Withdrawal)
Extremely Addictive

Ibuprofen: dulls aches.
+5 DR
Addiction: NONE

Ketamine: is a dissociative anesthetic similar to PCP when taken in low doses.
EFFECTS: Increased Carry Weight +50, Agility -5, Perception -5, Visuals
Addiction: DXM Withdrawal
Very slight addiction chance.

MDMA: provides euhporia, focus, and a sense of oneness.
Visuals, Luck +5
Addiction: -10% Rad Resistance (Serotonin Sickness)
Slightly Addictive.

Methamphetamine: a dangerously potent stimulant.
- 10 HP, +30 AP, restores sleep deprevation level, once chems wears off you crash, getting your original sleep level back, with an added penalty.
Addiction: Endurance -1, Perception -3 (Meth Psychosis)

Methadone: an opioid often used to manage Heroin addiction.
+1 Endurance, +15 HP
Addiction: NONE

Methaqualone: is an outdated antispasmodic depressant that is often consumed for its euphoric effects.
EFFECTS: AP-30, Energy Resistance +25, Agility -3, Cure Visuals
Addiction: Luudes Withdrawal
Slightly addictive.

Multi-Vitamins: Pills for a balanced diet.
DR +5, Endurance +1, Restore 20 HP.
Addiction: NONE

Phencyclidine: a dissociative anesthetic used first on humans medically, then on animals, and then by humans recreationally.
Visuals, DR +25, +2 Endurance and Strength, -3 Perception.
Addiction: (PCP Withdrawal)

Phenorbital: is a muscle relaxant used offensively by thugs and secret agents alike.
EFFECTS: AP-30, Cold Resistance +25, Carry Weight -20, Intelligence -2
Addiction: Barbituate Withdrawal
Mildly addictive

Redeye No-Doze: keeps you up all night, and all day, and all night
Grants the well-rested bonus temporarily, ignores any penalties caused by sleep deprevation.
Addition: NONE

Sativex: provides euphoric relief for radiation symptoms.
Visuals, Charisma +1, Rad Resist +25.
Addiction: NONE

Tobacco: cheap, common, and well-known for its deleterious effects.
Damage Rads 10, Charisma +1, Speech +10, AP -10
Addiction: (Tobacco Withdrawal)
Highly Addictive

Thorazine: is an antipsychotic sedative with a paralytic effect.
Ends all visuals for the duration of the chem, paralysis for 15 seconds, AP -20.
Addiction: NONE
*Thorazine Lasts twice as longs as most other chems.

Tramadol: is a centrally acting synthetic opioid analgesic used to treat moderate to moderately severe pain.
Damage Resistance +15, Fire resistance +15
Addiction: Opiate Withdrawal
Mildly Addictive

Trihexyphenidyl: a potent stimulant.
AP +15, Crit. chance +10, visuals.
Withdrawal: Hydra Withdrawal
Mildly addictive

Marijuana: provides good vibes.
+1 Charisma, +25 Rad Resist, causes hunger and dehydration over time.
Addiction: (THC Withdrawal)
Slightly addictive.

Diet Mentats: are made with aspartame instead of sugar.
INT +2, PER +2, Rads -5
Addiction: Mentats Withdrawal

Grape Mentats: Glamorously Grape Mentats
CHR +5
Addiction: Mentats Withdrawal

Orange Mentats: Obserrvantly Orange Mentats
PER +5
Addiction: Mentats Withdrawal

Berry Mentats: Brilliantly Berry Mentats
INT +5
Addiction: Mentats Withdrawal

Changes to vanilla chems:

Cave Fungus: Name changed to 'shrooms, produces a psychedelic effect upon consumption.
All chems have been given weight, balanced effects and prices, and new visuals.

Weaponizing Chems:

A dart gun can be crafted at the workbench, as well as darts. Darts will be ineffective until you lace them with a chem overdose, which can be done at any chem lab under "weaponizing chems" darts can be switched between with the ammo hotkey.

Hypos and syringes can be filled with chems and used as weapons. Chems can only be filled at a chem lab.

- Heroin will quickly kill all but the most hardy individuals.

- Thorazine and Methaqualone cause the victim to keel over helpless for a short time.

- Alprazolam and Phenobarbital stun the victim and stuns them for a brief period.

- Methamphetamine will poison the victim after sending them into a violent rage.

- PCP or Ketamine make the victim unable to distinguish friend from foe and will attack anyone in the vicinity.

- MDMA makes a person blissful and unable to respond normally to dangerous situations.

- 2C-B, 2C-E and 2C-I each cause the victim to experience terrifying visions and bodily sensations. The slightest thing will frighten them.

- Clonazepam and Diazepam will each calm the victim if they are combative or affected by another chemical.

New Drinks

Alcohol has a variety of effects mostly variants of special boosts. Boosts from alcohol don't stack, and hard liqour will cause double vision. Alcohols and beers have been added to the appropriate leveled list, as well as replaced many bottles you find laying about.
Liquid Sin
Lucky Number 38
Iron City Beer
Amber Waves Ale
Capitol Kosch
Prohibition Porter
Tops Beer
Pale Rider Ale
Ultra Luxe 2070
4 Roses
Bacardi 151
Black Lab Stout
Captain Morgan
Crown Royal
White Wine
Red Wine
Roentgen Rum
Black Velvet
Dom Perignon 2077
Fire Hydrant Ale
Gentleman Jack Whiskey
Jameson Whiskey
Johnnie Walker
Jose Cuervo
Old Grandad
Rebel Red
Southern Comfort
War Dog
Blatz Beer
Dos Equis
Hazed and Infused
Fat Tire Ale
Lone Star
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Pabst Blue Ribbon

Your blood alcohol level is tracked, and your vision gets worse the more you drink. You can also succumb to alcohol poisoning if you drink too much.


Cigarettes all have an effect of +1 Luck, +1 Charisma, -1 End, each brand also grants a +5 boost to a skill based on the brand. Most generic cigarettes have been replaced with brand names.
Cigarettes only burn for a couple of minutes, but the nicotine is still in your system, so the effect lasts longer then the cigarette burning.
Generic Cigarettes
Black Deaths
Filterless Camels
Jin Lings
Lucky Strike Lights
Lucky Strike Menthols
Lucky Strikes
Filterless Lucky Strikes
Marlboro Menthols
Old Golds
Player Navy Cuts

Most chem effects stack, with the exception of a few. Chems that are the same base type (opiate, amphetamine, etc) wont stack.

Taking a chem that doesn't stack will remove the original effect, meaning that you should take chems with a higher effect second if taking multiple chems.

A crafting system has been implemented, and most chems are now craftable at any chem lab you find in the game.
Requires: NVSE

Compatability: This mod will conflict with anything altering vanilla chems. Either make a merged patch with FNVedit or just resolve the conflict with load order.

Bugs: None currently reported.

Future plans:
-Hopefully I can find out how to weaponize some of the drugs. I know how to do everything pretty much, but I need to find an animation that has the player injecting them.
-TTW and IMCN patches.
-More chems and alcohols.
-Triage system.
-Incorporate items into DLCs

Credits: (This mod will be incompatible with any of these mods)
djabend for his Real Drinks resource, and his Casino Brand Drinks.

CptJoker71 for Whats Your Brand

EdisLeado for Light up and smoke those cigarettes

Pnutmaster for Drugs are bad mkay

Pnutmaster for [http://fallout3.nexusmods.com/mods/1745]Better Living Through Chems[/url]

MadNuttah for Marijuana Plant NV