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Brings back first aid skill from fallout 1 and 2. Animates first aid and some chems

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This is my attempt at adding the First Aid skill from Fallout 1 and 2, along with some details to immersion, in a balanced, unobtrusive, vanilla stylized way.  The mod uses animations from Hitman and Fallout2AM's  AnimationResources mod, so thank you VERY much to them for sharing them with the community. It takes inspiration directly from the original games and tries to implement them in a way that fits New Vegas. 

Requires JIP and NVSE

The mod does the following:

  • First Aid skill

First aid can now be performed with a hotkey. By default the hotkey is set to "L". You can change the hotkey in the config file


If you play above 60 fps this mod won't work properly. You need to have your framerate capped at 60 or the scripting will break. In general you need to not have insane script lag as well. the mod doesn't work properly while using slow time chems, or mods. you can use them, but the chem items are invisible.

To Perform First Aid you must have the First Aid perk (Duh). After taking the perk you will have a chance to heal damage to your health equivalent to your medicine skill, i.e if your medicine skill is 25, you have a 25% chance to heal.

If you fail, you have a chance to take damage to your limbs. The chance is determined by your medical skill +25. For example if your medicine skill is 25 you have a 50% chance to damage your limbs.

When you do take damage, each limb has a 20% chance of being damaged. Meaning 20% chance for it to be head, 20% chance to be left arm, right leg etc. Taking the Medic perk will remove the chance to damage limbs when you fail first aid completely. 

You can perform First Aid 3 times per day to start. With Each rank of the First Aid perk you will gain an additional chance to use First Aid, up to 6 times per day.

You can learn to heal your limbs without a doctors bag using First Aid if you take the Wasteland Surgeon perk. This allows you the same chance as described above, to heal all limb damage in addition to health.

These perks and limitations are meant to balance the mod. In the beginning First Aid is quasi useless. Since you don't know what you're doing, It's prob more dangerous than its worth, forcing you to use healing items like Stimpacks and Doctors bags. By level 20, with 100 medicine skill you will basically be getting the ability to heal your limbs and health for free 6 times a day, with no consequences. This still leaves a small incentive to collect Stimpacks and doctors bags etc. since there is still a limit, and hopefully this doesn't render healing items totally useless and remove all challenge from the game.  

First Aid is animated in First and Third person. As mentioned I am not an animator and have to make do with what animations I can find, or am allowed permission to use, so please don't ask me to improve the animations as I can not.

  • Chems

Chems are untouched, so the mod is basically compatible with everything, however some new animations have been added to a few of the most commonly used chems, based on what animations I could find, AND I made a decison to remove the auto injection for Tourniquets. This helps to add a touch of immersion since the First Aid skill is animated, chems like Stimpacks and RadAway are animated as well. The Stimpack has more of a Fallout 4 vibe than other Mods I've seen that do this.

I have tried to make the animations work as flawlessly as possible. I am not an animator so there's certain limitations to what I can do but I'm pretty happy with how they feel currently.

Here is an older WIP video before the additional visual effects and First aid skill were fully implemented

That's it, fairly simple mod. Adds some immersion and a touch of nostalgia without being to obtrusive. Hopefully people like it. I am mostly retired from modding but as some of you know, I lurk here and on the Skyrim nexus occasionally and pop up from time to time to release mods I've made for myself, fix egregious bugs and help out other mod authors. Don't expect too much from me here, since I view this as mostly done, and I'm not the type to support patches for a million other mod conflicts, but I'll try to fix bugs where I can, and permission is not necessary to improve upon this mod. Feel free to take whatever I've done here and make it better, just credit me with the idea, and the animators who shared their work with the community etc. where applicable.

Thanks again to  Hitman and Fallout2AM