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This Mod adds 105 completely unique skill magazines to the game of Fallout New Vegas. The texture maps are much larger than the vanilla magazines, so the unique skill magazines are in HI-RESOLUTION.

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STANDARD and INVENTORY SORTER versions1.1 are now available

CHANGE LOG for v1.1

This is a BIG update! I did lots of changes and improvements.

-Deleted and re-created the skill Mags in the GECK as clutter objects
-Added scripts to each magazine
-Added Message boxes to let you know when you have picked up,or dropped a Unique Skill Magazine
-Re-Vamped how the Mags give bonuses(its now scripted)
-Added Unique pip-boy Icons for each and every magazine
-Re-located a few magazines to game cells that are in use
-Some magazines now give S.P.E.C.I.A.L points
-Inventory sorter Version is now available
-File is now available in one download


This Mod adds 105(actually 108 hehe) completely unique skill magazines to the game of Fallout New Vegas. The texture maps are much larger than the vanilla magazines, so the unique skill magazines are in HI-RESOLUTION. All magazines add 1 skill point to the player when picked up. All Magazines are UNIQUE! You wont see the same cover twice. The Vanilla Skill Magazines are also still available to find. I didn't change any of their locations or how they look, or how they work.

The Unique magazines are scattered throughout the wastelands just like the vanilla magazines. But unlike their Vanilla counterpart, they are all completely unique. Meaning, there is only ONE copy of each magazine to be found in the wastelands. I thought this would make it a bit more interesting, making it even more exciting to find a skill magazine.

All magazines are found indoors, they WONT be just lying somewhere in the desert.

I tried to match the magazine cover theme to the skill thats learned as best I could. Example: science or repair skills would be learned from Mechanix Illustrated, or the Unarmed skill would be learned from from Wrestling World. There's a few that dont match up like the Nudie magazines, I just set those to teach the medicine skill:) So Anyway, some will be a surprise.


When a Unique Magazine is found and picked up, the magazine will instantly grant you a bonus of 1 point to a skill.If you drop the magazine, you will lose the bonus point pertaining to that particular skill mag.Its simple, as long as you have the magazine in your inventory,you get the bonus.If you dont, you wont.

These Unique Magazines can be picked up and dropped as much as you wish.A message box will pop up on your screen whenever you pick up or drop a Unique Mag.The message box will let you know when you have gained, or lost, a particular skill point.

You can use these skill mags as collectables as well. Take them back to your player home and hoard them. Or, if you're hard up for coin, you can sell them for 50 caps each.


An inventory sorter version is now available as an optional download. All Magazines have the prefix MAG: added to the name that shows up in the pip-boy.

Magazines added include:

8 Barter Skill Mags
8 Energy Weapons Skill Mags
8 Explosives Skill Mags
8 Guns Skill Mags
7 Lockpick Skill Mags
8 Medicine skill Mags
8 Melee Weapons Skill Mags
8 Repair Skill Mags
7 Science Skill Mags
8 speech Skill Mags
8 Survival Skill Mags
7 Unarmed Skill Mags
8 Sneak skill Mags

1 Strength Skill Mag
1 Perception Skill Mag
1 Endurance Skill Mag
1 Charisma Skill Mag
1 Intelligence Skill Mag
1 Agility skill Mag
1 Luck Skill mag

Happy Hunting!

Known Compatibility issues

Kobu - Sortable Crafting Backpack
Causes pickup/drop messages to keep appearing uncontrollably


1. Copy meshes, textures, and Unique Skill magazines.esp files into the Fallout New Vegas Data directory.

2. Check off the Unique Skill Magazines.esp file in the data files when you first start your game,or check it off in a mod manager if you use one.

3. Install Complete! Start your game


Created by clintmich

Magazine Covers aquired from Google Images