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The fully-voiced sequel to the hit action/adventure plugin, New Vegas Bounties I.

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Mandarin


Before Playing:
As of Version 1.3+, New Vegas Bounties I and the Someguyseries.esm are required to play NVB II. There is a link to episode I in the "mirrors" tab.

Version 1.3+: Version 1.3+ is now available under the "Main files" section. Bear in mind that it requires the Someguyseries.esm. Version 1.3+ is not compatible with savegames using versions prior to 1.3. If you are updating old versions (pre-1.3), you must replay the ending of NVBI (version 1.5+) in order to access the new content. A standalone version is available in "Optional Files" that lifts the requirement for NVBI.

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New Vegas Bounties II is the sequel the popular New Vegas Bounties I, and picks up immediately after the uncertain ending of the first episode. Without a firm to provide sponsorship, you must strike out as a solo contractor for the NCR. As such, you are no longer obligated to follow a linear questline, but may pursue dozens of bounties in any order.

Your targets will include terrorists, duelists, fiends, traitors, rapists, and more! As in episode I, most of the named adversaries are boss-caliber, and make use of perks, powerful weapons, and countless cronies to thwart your efforts.

Like its predecessor, NVB II contains a healthy dose of profanity and violence. Nonetheless, it includes substantially more dialogue options, as well as choices that should accommodate players at both ends of the karma spectrum.

NVB II includes 1000+ lines of fully-voiced, painstakingly lip-synced dialogue. It includes voice talent from across the world, all volunteered to enhance this project. The full credits are included in the readme (to avoid spoilers), so be sure to thank these talented individuals should you interact with them in the forums.

Encouraged by player feedback, I elected to include more scripted and random encounters in this installment. Both vanilla gameplay choices and decisions in the course of the mod will factor into the timing and details of these encounters. It is entirely possible to play the entire mod without experiencing every encounter (there are over a dozen), so I expect this will enhance replayability.

Getting Started:
Upon completing the main quest in NVBI, you'll be greeted with a DLC-style message and prompt to meet the primary quest giver, Capt. Larry Scull. Meet with Scull, get your license (a formality - there is no test), and then activate a wanted poster to begin a bounty hunting quest. To find the location of each poster, reference the terminal in the Boulder City Jail, or the detailed list in the readme. To advance the narrative from NVBI, activate the poster for "Red Bear" outside the general store in Goodsprings (though you must complete "A New Bureaucracy" first).

As always, I encourage feedback. I will always heed thoughtful, constructive criticism - it's fair to say that the more poignant critiques of episode I were significant factors in my design and planning for NVB II. However, mindless vitriol will be ignored.

Across the board, players requested more difficulty for this episode, so I made it a priority. As such, I would strongly advise against playing this mod with a character lower than level 25. Many of the bosses use perks, overpowered weapons, and other devious methods to give them an advantage over the player - if you're prone to conniptions over the fine details of combat balancing, then you should tweak them in the GECK, since some of the encounters are decidedly un-fair, to put it mildly. Also, the [Taunt] option is available in many of the encounters, so utilize it if you're keen on maximizing the mod's difficulty.

Players also voiced concerns over balancing, so I took measures to meet their requests (to a point). None of the rewards exceed 2,500 caps, and most are between 100 and 500 caps, depending on the player's actions. I also made efforts to decrease the health (and thus, value) of armor and weapons on the numerous NPC's in the mod, as players often decry the abundance of materials that can be readily sold for a sizable profit. However, overvalued weapons (relative to FO3, anyway) are an innate feature of Fallout: New Vegas, and are unavoidable on some level. One can repeatedly raid Black Mountain or other vanilla locations to garner similar financial windfalls, so please consider this before citing balance as a criticism. Nonetheless, your feedback and constructive criticism will always factor into updates and future episodes, so I encourage you to let me know if something is awry or egregiously unbalanced.

- 23 individual bounties (each is its own self-contained quest)
- 1000+ lines of fully-voiced, lip-synced dialogue (did I mention it was lip-synced?)
- Eight new weapons
- Six re-textured armor sets
- A new worldspace (albeit, a small one)
- A minimum of 3-4 hours of gameplay (at breakneck pace)
- 12 random/scripted encounters
- A new companion
- It includes the Mojave's first newspaper, though I can't vouch for its journalistic integrity :)
- [size="6"]Infinite[/size] quest content in the form of "radiant" bounties that can be activated every 24 hours

- I try to ensure that my mods are as low-impact/conflict as possible. Please let me know if anything arises.

Official Patch Compatibility:
- If you're using the current official patch (1.3) then use NVBII version 1.08 (it's in the updates section), otherwise use an earlier version (1.06 is recommended).

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Suspected Conflicts:
- "No companion limit" (Currently under evaluation)
- "Unofficial Bugfix pack" (Under evaluation)

- The Community: The players and fellow modders at the Nexus sites have been a continuous source of encouragement and support through the months of development. Fonger, Quetzlsacatanango, and many others consistently offer lucid, competent assistance in the forums, so thank you.

- You: Yes, you, the player who downloads and evaluates this mod. I depend on you to excoriate any failings and praise the successes.

- The voice actors and actress (singular right now - I hope to change that in the future), who took their time to voice characters, sometimes prompted to voice, re-voice, and then voice again under the direction of my arbitrary, directorial impulses. For those of you that had the misfortune of hearing much of my voice acting (ok, Randall was alright, but that was my native dialect), then you'll fully appreciate the quality and range offered by these gifted volunteers. This mod would be a shadow of its current self without the voice actors (and actress!) so thank you all. To avoid spoilers, the detailed cast and credits are in the readme. Nonetheless, here is the general cast:
- studebakerhawk
- DoomMunky2000
- DavidlAllen
- UnshavenOne
- Reebdog
- James Eastman
- Onasaki
- Someguy2000
- Nile Zam "Orky" Jones
- KingAlberich
- KelticPete
- InHisName
- Jase180
- ApocalypticGirl
- Keegan Voci (PaladinV0ci)
- Kaitmazing
- ElijahLucian
- Giramor
- Jackson Couch
- Ben Britton (The_Yellow_Dart)
- PitchPerfect

- Kaffo
- looloolooigotsomeapples
- wcstorm11
- Pyrojesus
- KingAlberich
- Brigand231
- Quetzlsacatanango
- RussianWalstelander
- GodofWolves
- ToyTrains1

12.7mm Pistol Retexture: DjinniAdept

Spanish Translations: UnshavenOne

Saloon Sign: Joshua121

Alsatian Texture/Mesh: Alien Slof

Heavy Duster: Dragbody

Radiant Quest Name: SchylerWalker

Brian Rogers' Portrait: LadySinestro

Improved Sheriff's Badge Icon: LadySinestro

Improved Normal Maps for RC Cola and Moonpies: LadySinestro

If I failed to mention you in the credits, please PM me!

Extract the contents of the data folder from the archive into your New Vegas data folder.

Please reference the readme if you encounter any bugs or have questions. If the readme/FAQ doesn't help, PM me.

The change log for all patches prior to and including v. 1.45 is available in the readme.

I am known to give out kudos to those who are the first to correctly identify historic, literary, and/or popular fictional references.

And I credit my beautiful and patient wife for tolerating and even supporting my nonstop modding.

One Last Thing:
If you should be confronted with a choice between fists or knives - choose fists. Don't say I didn't warn you. :)