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Addictions can now be critical and force the player's character to use his drug when being in withdrawal state. Just as in real life. And add optional negative effects if no suitable object is owned.

Permissions and credits
This mod offers an auto-forced-consume drugs when you are in a withdrawal state function. The delay, chances and effects (visuals, sound, stats) of this function can be modified with the INI file provided.

Compatible with all items using Vanilla addictions.
New addictions added by other mods will not be managed.

Recommended mods:
There is no cure by karthanistyr
Addictions pass with time by Crowley9

If you're usin my mod Animated Cigarettes, the tobacco withdrawal will lead the player to light a cigarette rather than to consume wild tobacco chew. And yes, it's compatible with my Animated Ingestibles mod.
Also with Animated Drinks, Food & Chems but this mod is abandoned.

Particularity of alcohol :
Alcohol's withdrawal will push the player to try to consume the last alcohol used. This will allow you to become really addicted to a particular alcohol. But, if the preferred alcohol is not found in the inventory, the character will consume another alcohol, randomly, which will then become the new favorite alcohol.

I'm just trying to make the addiction system a little bit more fun.

INI preview and settings, with instructions and more details on the mod :