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Adds the delicious Chugger's Finest Banana Bourbon to the game at survival 65. This drink is an alcoholic beverage that increases luck instead of strength, up to 3 at 100 survival. Also needs a hammer to make... for fruit crushing.

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Since rum is a long-dead concept in the Mojave the Banana Daquiri has since passed into myth and legend. However, enterprising barmen operating under the Chugger's brand have decided to resurrect the combo with a delicious whiskey/rootbeer and banana blend, the Banana Bourbon. For Couriers at home the Banana Bourbon can be mixed freestyle by smashing the dickens out of banana yucca fruit with a hammer. It's then added gradually to a pan of gently warmed whiskey with a dash of Sunset Sarsaparilla, and stirred in slowly over a low heat. Be sure never to boil.

This chem is an alcohol, with half the addiction chance, that doesn't increase strength. Instead it increases luck, up to 3 at survival 100, plus adds a little bit of hunger reduction because of the banana puree. Players will need survival 65 and a hammer to make it, which is returned on finishing the recipe. Ultimately it's sort of a gimmick but still has its own place within the realms of ingame feasibility. Plus, c'mon, the game doesn't use the hammer for anything.

To install just drop the files into the data folder and activate the mod. It has no requirements apart from the base game. Go nuts.