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Adds Nuka-Cola Wild from Fallout 4's Nuka World DLC.

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With real Root-based flavor!

Nuka-Cola Wild is the Nuka-Cola company's attempt to beat Sunset Sarsaparilla's hold in the west after all buyout attempts ended in failure.  

Adds Nuka-Cola Wild from Fallout 4's Nuka World DLC with custom textures for bottles, caps, drinks, and vending machines!

Nuka-Cola Wild can be found within their own vending machines, normal Nuka-Cola machines, and a few hand placed locations.

New vending machines can be found in Aerotech Park, Boulder City, McCarran's terminal, the Grub n' Gulp, and a few others
across the wasteland!

The Nuka-Cola Wild drink shares similar stats with normal Nuka Cola, but with the additions of:

It restores 6 hp for 25 seconds,
And it increases AP by 40 points for 5 seconds-
Take a drink right before your quickdraw!

Any mods altering the ClutterNukaVending 75 leveled list. Just make a patch in FNVEdit and it should work fine.

All items use the settexturing in the Geck now, so model replacers should work like a charm!

Side note, WE HIT THE HOT FILES!  I seriously want to thank everyone who endorsed my little mod, and I promise much more, and better content in the future!

A few Credits to...
All textures were hand-made by myself. So, feel free to use in your content!

Thanks to Bethesda for the Nuka-Cola Wild concept.
Thanks to Obsidian for creating New Vegas.
Thanks to Jokerine for some help.
Thanks to the Aliens for beaming these ideas into my brain.