Fallout New Vegas
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Yet another mod that removes your pipboy while you're not using it

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This dll removes your pipboy while you're not using it.
Simple, easy, compatible with all wrist mounted pipboys
(There's a mode for handheld pipboys but the handheld pipboys as of right now are scripted and need to have their scripts removed to use this mod).
It even turns your pipboy light off while you don't have it!

"OK there are a lot of PipBoy Removers around, why should I care about this one?"

This one is closely linked to the game code so you will never see the pipboy appearing or dissapearing out of nowhere. No sounds, either. You open your pipboy, it's there, you close it, it's gone while the camera changes.
tl;dr you won't notice a pipboy spawning outta nowhere, I use lots of camera tricks :P