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"Asurah Reanimation Pack" is a global animation overhaul, oriented to replace almost every existing weapon animation in vanilla FNV, both 1st and 3rd person.

For those who want to start posting like *you broke my game mate, I hate you*

This mod is in an early alpha stage!
If you can even call it alpha, so take a deep breath... and patience. I'm releasing this stuff only because of you people can't stop asking for it, and I'm slowing down, because of IRL issues, and lack of time.
I'll continue to improve this mod and adapt worthy and popular mods to this.
If you want to help me with mod-patches for this animations, especially WMX\WotNM, I appreciate your help, you're good boys\gals.

Before asking about *would that mod work with my FutaBody + UglyBarbieFace Racemod + Random LL content*, try it yourself.
Its modding my boys, and you're playing a modded game. Take responsibility for what you're doing, and prepare to persist in the doomed world you have created.

Aarius, I know you can see this, come back, we miss you pal.


If you don't even read and follow these lines, posting about something is broken, go waste someone else's time, I'm not your regular fixing gal.


Start by downloading the mod.

1.          Go to your FlatOut Nicht Voorhes\data\meshes\characters\_1stperson\.
             Delete every Handgrip animation (1hpHandgrip1.kf, 2haHandgrip2_dildolauncher.kf and etc.)

2.          Do the same thing, but in FarCry Not Virgins\data\meshes\characters\_male\ folder

3.          Drag'n'Drop mods content into the "Fallout New Vegas\Data\" folder

3a.        If you actually want to use some of W.A.R.\ShinyHax\Hitman47101 animations with mine, you'd better install W.A.R.\ShinyHax\Hitman47101 first, return to steps 1 and 2, then install my anims.

3b.        If you don't want yo use all of the third person animations, drag'n'drop "_1stperson" folder and _male folders with 1hpReload_ - like files.

4.          Install various fixes from UPDATE FILES category, depending on the DLCs you owned and weapon mods you've installed. (STOP REPORTING ABOUT FLOPPING IRONSIGHTS).

4a.If you don't want to patch every mod - delete every 1hp\2haAimIS, AttackIS in _1stperson folder. This will revert your aiming and aimed shooting to vanilla. At this point, you can replace them with W.A.R. or even Hitman47101 anims.

5.          Go for "C:\Users\username\Documents\My Games\FalloutNV" and look for Fallout.ini and FalloutPrefs.Ini, look for "fNearDistance", change it to the "fNearDistance=2".
             This step is vital! It will help you to avoid screen clipping issues

6.          I also recommend to use FOV Slider in viewmodel values from 64 to 86.

7.          Launch your manager, make sure Asurah_Reanimation.esp is very last in your load order. (Asurah_Reanimation is responsible for Handgrip setup on
many vanilla weapons, speed tuning (like slowing down the hunting shotguns, because fast shotguns are lame) and custom sounds on animations)

8.          Be pleased.


  1. Simply download the main file with your favorite manager (MO is recommended)
  2. Install the file via the mod manager and enable the esp(s)

a) If you wish to keep things neat (MO ONLY) once you have right clicked install on the Mod Organizer download window simply rename the file you are installing to whatever name you have installed the mod as.

e.g  You want the no head-bob patch but don't want to clutter your load order; just rename the file to 'Asurah Reanimation Pack' 

b) Click 'merge' when prompted (be sure to keep track of mentally which optional files have been merged into the main file)
b.1) If you are merging an optional file that includes an esp (e.g. Millenia's AKs74u). After installing, double click the mod and go to the optional files tab and make sure it's in the active esp list.

c) If you REALLY want to use NMM or FOMM then navigate to where the mod was installed, then drag and drop the contents into the mod folder, ensure you paste files into the correct file directory


Some of you might know how to use GECK or even already working on their own mods, good bois.

Here's some information for you, don't worry if you feel this block incomplete, that's cos it is, i'll update info on this mod soon.


As you can notice i've tried to make almost every animation handgrip compatible, both 1st and 3rd person.


Handgrip3 - P90
Handgrip4 - 10mm SMG
Handgrip5 - M3A1
Handgrip6 - Onehanded grip


Handgrip1 - Plasma rifle\Lower gun position (if your weapon are very bulky or uses scope, i'll recommend using this handgrip).
Handgrip2 - G3\MP5 (Actually a gun posture with higher left arm position, looks good on G3\MP5 weapons as well)
Handgrip3 - Shotgun (Pump shotguns yeah)
Handgrip4 - Vertical front grip
Handgrip5 - AUG style vertical short grip (like regular Handgrip4 but for bullpup weapons)
Handgrip6 - Bullpup


Handgrip1 - Laser rifle\Lower gun position (same stuff as 2HA handgrip1)
Handgrip3 - Combat Shotgun (From Fallout 3 yeah)
Handgrip4 - Shotgun (Pump shotguns uhuh)
Handgrip5 - STEN mag grip
Handgrip6 - L96 (Antimateriel Rifle grip)


Q.Will this mod work with *##MODNAME*?
A.NO, unless you just read what is written above, and try to make a patch for this.


Q."My peestol\Ryfl has a weird recoil during iron sights shooting, you break my gaem!"
A. Well you need to go into NifSkope and fix it dummy!
      For example,
                Lets say your gun is a vanilla "9mm pistol". 

  1.  Open the GECK, and locate the nif this gun is using, it should be like "Data\meshes\weapons\1handpistol\9mmpistol.nif" (most guns have relevant nomenclature)
  2. Now open it with NifSkope, in the big list of things on the left side; look for the '##SightingNode'
  3.  Right click it -> Node -> Attach Parent Node (Select 'NiNode' in the big drop down list) it should create a new drop down in which '##SightingNode' is below it (trust me, it's not that confusing)
  4. Right click the empty space that you just created. -> Transform -> Edit -> Name the new NiNode as '##SIGHTANIM' (SPELT EXACTLY LIKE THAT).
              Save it.
   (papa) Bless it.

Visual guide:

See? Was it so hard? Like you installed a full package of Source SDK, decompiled Source .mdl's, tuned them up, and recompiled again, encountered shitload of bugs and gone through a thousands recompiles again and again.

No. It was easy, and fast. So please, STOP that "is that possible to avoid manual patching" sobbing.
If you love your game, you will take a moment, and make it work fine.

Otherwise go play with your
Fallout 4.

Thanks to Wuestenranger for saving your brain cells.


Q. My Tazer Waffle is too big and too high on the screen! Help me Daddy!
A. Dang it Bobbeh, use your god damn G.E.C.K. and set your weapon handgrip to "Handgrip1". Works only with 2handrifle and 2handautomatic.

Q.Are you gonna make patches for various weapon mods? Will you take request on them?
A.Yes, and yes. But don't expect they would be released at the speed of light.

Q.Can I have your Machineguns and Akimbo guns and dildo launcher animations and blah blah?
A.No. They are WIP and there's a big chance of Duke Nukem Forever things to come.

Q.Will you make animations for *##GUNNAME*
A.Maybe. Depends on the gun and amount of my own free time.

Q.My 3rd person animations is broken what's the deal?
A.As i said before - these anims is highly unfinished. Install only _1stperson folder, with _male folder, containing 1hpReload* files only.

Q.Can I donate you?
A.Oh thank you, I'm ready to hug you, only if you're a girl, otherwise, you're welcome.

Q.When your *##ANIMATIONNAME* will be released to public?
A.When it's done (Do I sound like 3d Realms on Duke Nukem Forever? Yes I do)

Q.Power Armor animations?! For real?!
A.Yup. But later.

Q.Is it possible to avoid that manual patching of every weapon?
A.Yes. Delete every 1hp\2haAimIS, AttackIS in _1stperson folder. This will revert your aiming and aimed shooting to vanilla. At this point, you can replace them with W.A.R. or even Hitman47101 anims.

Q.You're a bad guy. You're so rude and your mod/s is crap.
A.Actually a gal, but thank you. Have fun fixing it.

Q.Seriously, why are you so rude? You're not gentle with the people who gave you some respect and love your mod.
A.I LOVE you people who loves my work, believe me, I have nothing against you, I really want you to love me and my mod, I really want to surprise you with my new animations, and cool content, I even trying to port some cool stuff like Millenia did in his old days.
I HATE people for showing impatience and misunderstandings, modder have his own life too, with its problems and his damn stomach to fill with food, I can't solve every your problem, can't stay online 24\7, I'm sadly a human.


1. Complete 1st person stuff.
2. Complete 3rd person stuff.
3. Improve Power Armor Animations.
4. Improve misc animations (drinking from toilets) - ITS IMPORTANT YOU GOOD_PERSON.


Additionally, Include these in your load order to the get the most benefit out of this mod

Solid Project
Real Recoil
B42 Weapon Inertia
BLEED  (Highly Recommended)
Gun Behaviour Mod Merge (GBBM)
JIP Realistic Weapon Overheating
JIP Selective Fire
New Vegas Enhanced Camera
Armed to the Teeth (ATTT NV) 
Essential Visual Enhancements (EVE)
Interior Lighting Overhaul
Automatic Weapons Fix 
Reload Animation Fix
All Weapon Sounds overhaul 2018  (or any sound mod of your liking)

Yes, there's lots, and it keeps growing. But there isn't one here that wont improve the gunplay for you.


FATTY PIGEON (actually an overweight Columba livia domestica, who ate too many of Kazuhira Miller's "MacMiller's Hamburgers"(), and doesn't even dare to fly). for the trailer, screenshots and other various support.

(believe me people, these sweet cash wasn't spent on life-important things, not iphones or bad_girls, you're literally helped me to survive my darkest days)

additional thanks to:

Hitman47101, who's mod inspired me to start with animating on FNV, also some of your pretty interesting tricks.
ShinyHaxorus for his 1st person animating tutorial for FNV.

Bonus thanks:

NAVARO - CZ-805 sounds
MAGMACOW - M24 sounds

Bethesda Softworks - you know. (But it doesn't mean your animators in 2008 shouldn't be punished hard for those ugly animations.)
Obsidian Entertaiment - you know. (Stop doing your fantasy stuff people, let's make some post-apoc)
Kojima Productions - you know. (Goodluck with your Genious Boss)

Audience of YOUTUBE©
Members of GUNETWORK
Some people of Nexusmods©
Staff of Contiinental Discord Channel

My mom and dad.


To the guy who leaked my earlier mod build, you're a bad_person.