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JSawyer's popular mod, fully re-implemented from the ground up. Compatibility has been greatly improved, errors have been fixed, and balance corrections have been expanded - all whilst trying to maintain the original mod's vision.

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JSawyer Ultimate Edition
All Official DLC

New Vegas Script Extender


To me, Josh Sawyer's mod was always something of a meant-to-be mod. That is, a mod which changes elements of the game to how, in my opinion, they should have been from the start. For those not familiar, jsawyer.esp was a mod made by Joshua Sawyer - the lead designer and director for Fallout: New Vegas. Essentially it is a difficulty and rebalance mod, which maintains much of the vanilla vision when compared to similar mods, whilst still managing to feel new.

Of all my many playthroughs of New Vegas (and believe me, there's been a lot), for some reason I always remember my minimalist, vanilla-esque JSawyer runs as the most fun. However, it has to be said that the mod might be considered quite crude by present modding standards. There are several errors, numerous inconsistencies, and patching it to work alongside most other popular mods is a nightmare.

That's where JSawyer Ultimate comes in. This mod is a completely reconstructed version of Sawyer's mod, made from the ground up. I've tweaked the odd inconsistencies, expanded the compatibility, re-added some neat elements of cut content, and even covered some additional balance issues which were missed - all whilst trying to maintain the fine-tuned spirit of the original.

Version 3.0 is a major rewrite of many aspects of the mod. JSawyer Ultimate is now far truer to the original than it was previously, and is more streamlined and optimised than ever before. Additions and changes are now kept to an absolute minimum.




This mod is a complete, from-scratch remake of the original JSawyer mod. It aims to stay as true as possible to the source material, and clean up any inconsistencies or errors there were, whilst generally refining things and improving compatibility with other mods. An example of errors in the original is that message and loading screen text didn't reflect some changes, some items were not modified when they logically should have been, some unintentional or ineffective changes were included, etc.

Changes and new additions were only made if I thought that they could be justified from a balance perspective, and if they stayed true to my perceived intentions of the original. A complete list of differences between JSawyer Ultimate and the original JSawyer mod can be found in the Readme section of this modpage. The original's changelog is also linked below.

To prevent this description being overly long, I won't completely list the changes and features here. Unless stated otherwise, changes in the original still stand, so I will not mention them on this mod-page. Here is a quick run-down of some of the most notable new features.

Greater Compatibility

Many of the original mod's changes are now implemented by scripts. This means that there will be less compatibility issues, and less need for patches. Moreover, this mod will also cover content added by other mods, as much as is possible. One such feature is that JSawyer Ultimate will automatically adjust stats of mod-added armor so they're not out of place next to Sawyer's tweaks, and even distribute such items to the correct form lists so that they work as they should with vanilla perks, etc.

Bug Fix Continuity

If a record edit was necessary, any appropriate fixes from Yukichigai Unofficial Patch and Unofficial Patch Plus are included. If a change present in the original JSawyer mod has since been incorporated into YUP, it was omitted from JSawyer Ultimate to prevent unnecessary duplicate edits. Both YUP and UP+ are highly recommended companion mods for JSawyer Ultimate.


Unlike the original, this mod can be safely installed and uninstalled on any save - it will not cause a crash or leave any serious permanent side effects.

Un-Cut Content and More

JSawyer Ultimate includes equivalents to all these mods, therefore they should not be used alongside it. Credit goes to the original authors for their ideas.

In addition, Caravan rematch dialogue has been fully reimplemented for all applicable NPCs - this feature is unique to this mod. Thanks to miguick for his help with this.

Someguy Series Compatibility

JSawyer Ultimate is compatible with all of someguy2000's quest mods out-of-the-box. In addition, some of the overpowered items from said mods will be tweaked so that they're not as powerful, but still worthwhile rewards.

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*(Recommended if you want to remove the vanilla yellow and orange shading.)
**(If you want a mod which changes vanilla faces, this is by far the most comprehensive and lore friendly, however you'll need to be prepared to make patches for it yourself as very few exist.)


JSawyer Ultimate does not require the original JSawyer mod. JSawyer Ultimate was built from the ground up using the original as inspiration, and is entirely separate.

That said, the following are required:

You will be notified of any of the NVSE requirements are missing.

JSawyer Ultimate will detect when you update to a new version, and automatically reset all options in the MCM to their default states. This is to account for any new settings that may have been added, some of which might require initialising.

I recommend making a clean save if you are updating from a pre-3.0 version. Also, make sure to remove power armor and the backpacks from previous versions before updating.

Unlike the original, JSawyer Ultimate does not integrate the Gun Runners' Arsenal official DLC. This means that JSawyer Ultimate is compatible with popular mods which add new weapon mods, without the need for a patch. This was also done so that you may use a different mod to handle GRA, of which there are several, each catering to different preferences. Installing either Mojave Arsenal or the optional GRA file provided in the downloads section is highly recommended, although there are more such mods to choose from. The optional file is pretty much an improved version of what the original JSawyer mod did with regards to GRA integration, and is basically by own updated and fixed version of Gun Runners' Arsenal Merged by slippyguy.

If you have already exceeded the new default level cap of 35, you can use my Complete Respec mod to re-level your character to the correct level if you wish.

And finally, I personally find Normal or Hard difficulty with Hardcore mode enabled plays best with this mod, optionally with the damage multiplier placed somewhere between 1.00x and 1.50x, but this is just personal preference and may depend on what mods you're using. I play with a very close-to-vanilla mod list, which pretty much just includes the mods listed in the Recommended Mods section above. Another interesting play-style is using Limited Game Savings to replicate the high-risk element of something like Survival mode in Fallout 4, though I'd recommend playing on Normal and taking it easy on the damage multiplier if you do this—getting one-shot is never fun. Also, using this mod's option to disable compass ticks also adds to the danger, as does using the Intended Health option, and I personally like to use both of them. In my opinion, ways of increasing the difficulty other than just increasing damage are better for the player overall.

Load Order

Generally, JSawyer Ultimate should be low down in your load order, after YUP and UP+, and after YUP's NPC fixes (relevant fixes from all these mods are included).

It's always a good idea to check for conflicts with FNVEdit, too.


Please refer to: JSawyer Ultimate Edition Patches and JSawyer Ultimate Edition TTW Patch.


This mod has an uninstall option in the MCM menu, which you should use to safely prepare it for uninstallation.


My Mods

I spend a lot of time creating and supporting my mods, so any donations are gratefully received.