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Higher resolution water bottle textures and meshes, four times the pixels and twice the vertices. Backported from Mkdo40's assets from Wasteland Imports. Future-proofed TTW support.

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Tired of your retextured water bottles not looking like water bottles? Or having pristine plastic labels? Or maybe you're tired of seeing Paper Mario on the cap. But you don't want to settle for the vanilla 128 x 128 texture. You have a PC, darn it, not a console. And it's not like you're using the giant water bottling plant mod, because no one made that.

Now you don't have to settle.

Now with TTW support! (For the past few years, but I never mentioned it, apparently.)

512 x 512 textures by Mkdo40, who gave me permission to port this. I don't even know where I would begin making a plastic texture.

Meshes were converted in a joint process by me and carxt, with special thanks to RoyBatty for yelling at us that we were doing it wrong

As promised, in bold text, huge thank you to Colt17 for fixing up not only the meshes, but the seam in the textures as well!

05-11-2019: Now with new normal maps and Aqua Pura

11-12-2022: Pushed some buttons to maybe fix collision, also guessing I was using DD-MM-YYYY format here