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Adds 360 degrees movements with procedural leaning, and auto vanity mode to make the game feel more like later Bethesda games.

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Adds 360 degrees movement to moving, walking, sneaking etc. To accommodate for 360 movements, vanity mode is automatic like in skyrim/fallout 4 without holding F. The character will also procedurally lean like DServant's 360 Movement Behavior which inspired this mod.

Currently featured:
  • Walk/run with weapon holstered
  • Hurt walk/run with weapon holstered
  • Sneak
  • Jump
  • Sneak + Jump
  • Procedural leaning

Walking and running with weapon out are untouched, and is mainly intended to be played alongside with Diagonal movement installed.

Leaning can be turned off in "config\360Movement.ini". Some settings are also adjustable.
Controller is supported.



  • Install xNVSE. This has to be installed manually into game folder.
  • Install JIP LN NVSE Plugin and JohnnyGuitar NVSE either manually into data folder or with mod manager, I recommend Mod Organizer 2.
  • Install lStewieAl's Tweaks. Also download and install "Stewie Tweaks INI" from optional if you are installing that mod for the first time, you will need to run the game first for the options to appear in the ini file.
  • (Optional) Install Diagonal movement.
  • Install NV Compatibility Skeleton. Overwrite all files if asked.
  • Install this mod. Overwrite all files if asked. If reinstalling, make sure all the old files are removed beforehand or it may behave unexpectedly.
  • Enable the installed plugin. The load order doesn't matter as long as "360Movement - diagonal movement patch.esp" is loaded after "diagonal movement.esp" and "360Movement.esp".
  • In lStewieAl's tweaks config file "data\nvse\plugins\nvse_stewie_tweaks.ini", open with notepad, search and set "bNoTurningAnim = 1", "bMovementPenalties = 0", "bBetterAutoWalk = 0". (Optional) If you want to increase camera zoom out, under [GameSettings], set or add the line "fChaseCameraMax = 200", set higher value for higher zoom if you wanted to.
  • (Optional) If you want non-vanilla animations, check out animation patch from 360 Movement Compatible Custom Animations and install whichever you want. (Thanks DocMitchel1198 for the patch, please don't forget to leave endorsements)
  • Check out another fantastic animation with patch - 3rd Person Movement Animations Overhaul (patch). (Thank you for the patch)


  • DiaMoveNVSE. Incompatible. Use Diagonal movement instead.
  • Solid Project. Compatible.
  • Just Vanilla Sprint. Compatible. If kNVSE is installed, set "bCheckForSpecialIdle = 0" for 360° sprinting.
  • Enhanced camera. Partially Compatible. Left/Right/Backward animations in 1st person will only show forward animation since those are replaced by this mod, there is no way around this, so it's a tradeoff for you to decide. I personally use them both for myself. I'm looking into utilizing kNVSE Animation to make it work.
  • Any mods that NV Compatibility Skeleton supports such as Xilandro's Weapon Inertia should be compatible.

This mod is compatible with most of the mods, if there are incompatibilities it will never break your game, at worst it's just 360° not working properly or move weirdly, but it's all visual.

This mod requires custom skeleton, which is included in NV Compatibility Skeleton. Any mods that edit skeleton file AND NOT supported by NV Compatibility Skeleton will not work.

This mod replaces various walk/run/jump/sneak animations with edited vanilla files. Custom animations can be edited with NifSkope to work with the mod relatively easily.

Here are some quick instructions to make it works with custom animations:
The main goal is so that ONLY the forward animation will be played no matter which direction is pressed, seamlessly. You will need to use NifSkope. Also backup the files before you edit them in case you messed up and has to redo.

1. Firstly, replace the NiTextKeyExtraData of custom animation with the one from my file.
  • Open the custom 'forward' animation with NifSkope. eg: mtfastforward.kf
  • Right Click 'NiTextKeyExtraData' -> Block -> Remove
  • Open my animation file with same name corresponding to the custom animation with NifSkope.
  • Right Click my 'NiTextKeyExtraData' -> Block -> Copy
  • Go back to the opened custom animation, right click 'NiControllerSequence' -> Block -> Paste. Take note of the number of the pasted new entry.
  • Select 'NiControllerSequence' -> at bottom panel look for 'Text Keys' -> double click 'None' -> type in the new number and hit Enter.
Note: The 'end' 'Time' key under 'NiTextKeyExtraData' has to match the 'Stop Time' of the animation (Check bottom panel of 'NiControllerSequence'). This is the case when the custom animation file has different length than the vanilla animations.

2. Now the NiTextKeyExtraData are settled, time to replace the Bip01 interpolator with the one from my file.
  • Open my file again, select 'NiControllerSequence' -> at bottom panel select and expand 'Controlled Blocks'.
  • Look for controlled blocks named 'Bip01' -> Expand -> 'Interpolator' entry
  • Click the blue arrow of the 'Interpolator' entry, it will highlight the block you need to copy at the top panel. It will be a 'NiTransformInterpolator' and is usually the first entry.
  • Right click that highlighted entry -> Block -> Copy Branch
  • Go back to the custom animation, right click 'NiControllerSequence' -> Block -> Paste Branch. Take note of the number of the pasted new entry.
  • Use steps 1 and 2 to find the 'Interpolator' entry of 'Bip01' controlled blocks of this custom animation. Double click on the number or bracketed texts right to the blue arrow (eg: double click '1 [NiBSplineCompTransformInterpolator]') -> Type in the new number and hit Enter.
  • There will be leftover of the original interpolator block. You can try and remove them, but often times removing it will cause freezes so I left them in my files.
Note: Same as before, the newly pasted 'NiTransformInterpolator' -> 'NiTransformData' -> Bottom panel 'Translations' -> 'Keys' -> second 'Keys', the 'Time' value has to match the 'Stop Time'.

3. Now the forward animation .kf should be setup correctly. Exit NifSkope, copy and paste it three times and rename them. For example mtfastforward.kf the copies are renamed to mtfastbackward.kf, mtfastleft.kf and mtfastright.kf. You will have to check the original animations to know what to rename to. The left/right/backward variants of the custom animations will be replaced by these copies.

4. Now we need to edit the copies to change the directions.
  • Open one of the copies that was just renamed. eg: mtfastleft.kf
  • Click 'NiControllerSequence' -> Bottom Panel look for 'Name' -> Click 'Txt' -> In the popup panel type 'FastLeft'. (Different animations have different names, check the original animations for the names or it will not work properly. For running the names are 'FastForward', 'FastLeft', 'FastRight', 'FastBackward'. For walking they are 'Forward', 'Backward', 'Left', 'Right')
  • Click 'NiControllerSequence' -> Bottom Panel 'Controlled Blocks' -> Look for the controlled blocks name 'Bip01' -> Interpolator -> click Blue arrow (will highlight the 'NiTransformInterpolator' you pasted previously, it's usually the first entry so this step may be skipped.)
  • Expand it -> Select child 'NiTransformData' -> Bottom Panel expand 'Translations' -> Expand 'Keys' -> Expand second 'Keys'. You may see 'Time' and 'Value' entry. The 'Value' entry determine the camera directions. (Eg: X: 0.000000, Y:283.105988, Z: 0.000000)
  • For mtfastleft.kf, we will swap the value from [X: 0.000000, Y: 283.105988, Z: 0.000000] to [X: -283.105988, Y:0.000000, Z: 0.000000]. Y-positive refers to character's front while X-positive refers to character's right. Left: -X. Right: +X. Forward +Y. Backward: -Y.
  • Optionally, select 'Spells' on the Toolbar -> Optimize -> Remove Unused Strings. Leaving the extra sting won't cause any issues but I just want to mention it because that way the file is cleaner (not like anyone cares).
  • Repeat the remaining two files by changing the 'Name' entry and swapping the 'NiTransformInterpolator' translation values. For mtfastright.kf it will be [X: 283.105988, Y:0.000000, Z: 0.000000]. For mtfastbackward.kf it will be [X: 0.000000, Y: -283.105988, Z: 0.000000]. Different animations will have different values but the direction signs will still be the same.

It may seem tedious as first, but after a couple tries things should be straight forward (pun intended).


This mod can be uninstalled at any time without permanent side effects.


Big thanks to Fallout2AM for support of this mod with NV Compatibility Skeleton and answering questions
Big thanks to AnnihilatingDespair for finding sneak fix for weapon out animations
Big thanks to  DocMitchel1198 for making patches
DServant and Xilandro for inspirations
jazzisparis for JIP Plugin
carxt for JohnnyGuitar Plugin
lStewieAl for his tweaks
NVSE team for NVSE