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Adds 360 degrees movements with procedural leaning, and auto vanity mode to make the game feel more like later Bethesda games.

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Adds 360 degrees movement to moving, walking, sneaking etc. To accommodate for 360 movements, vanity mode is automatic like in skyrim/fallout 4 without holding F. The character will also procedurally lean like DServant's 360 Movement Behavior which inspired this mod.

Currently featured:
  • Walk/run with weapon holstered
  • Hurt walk/run with weapon holstered
  • Sneak
  • Jump
  • Sneak + Jump
  • Procedural leaning

Walking and running with weapon out are untouched, and is mainly intended to be played alongside with Diagonal movement installed (download patch).

Leaning can be turned off in "config\360Movement.ini". Some settings are also adjustable.
Controller is supported but not tested extensively.



  1. Download and install all required files with mod manager, I recommend Mod Organizer 2.
  2. In lStewieAl's tweaks config file "nvse\plugins\nvse_stewie_tweaks.ini", search and set "bNoTurningAnim = 1" and "bMovementPenalties = 0", might as well set "bBetterAutoWalk = 0" for visual consistency.
  3. (Optional) Download and install Diagonal movement and the patch included here if you want to use the mod. Make sure the files from NV Compatibility Skeleton overwrites Diagonal movement or it will not work.

Note: If you don't want 360° sneak when weapon is out, set "bDo360SneakWeaponOut = 0" and install the optional file. Unofficial Patch NVSE Plus is required because it fixes the sneak reload animation.


  • DiaMoveNVSE. Incompatible. Use Diagonal movement instead.
  • Solid Project. Compatible.
  • Just Vanilla Sprint. Compatible. If kNVSE is installed, set "bCheckForSpecialIdle = 0"
  • Enhanced camera. Partially Compatible. Left/Right/Backward animation will only show forward animation since those are replaced by this mod, there is no way around this, so it's a tradeoff for you to decide. I personally use them both for myself. I'm looking into utilizing kNVSE Animation to make it work.
  • Any mods that NV Compatibility Skeleton supports such as Xilandro's Weapon Inertia should be compatible.

This mod is compatible with most of the mods out there in the sense that it won't break your game or blow up your PC. If any, it will only be incompatible visually, so please report any visual inconsistencies so they might be patched.

This mod requires custom skeleton to work properly and it is included in NV Compatibility Skeleton. Any mods that edit skeleton file AND not supported by NV Compatibility Skeleton will not work. If there is such mod, request compatibility patch from NV Compatibility Skeleton so it can be made compatible.

This mod contains animation replacers. Unfortunately, camera/character is directly tied to animation files so 4 animations files are needed instead of 1. But custom animations can be edited with NifSkope to work with the mod relatively easily.

Here are some quick instructions to make it works with custom animations:

About Sneaking



This mod can be uninstalled at any time without permanent side effects.


Big thanks to Fallout2AM for support of this mod with NV Compatibility Skeleton and answering questions
Big thanks to AnnihilatingDespair for finding sneak fix for weapon out animations
DServant and Xilandro for inspirations
jazzisparis for JIP Plugin
carxt for JohnnyGuitar Plugin
lStewieAl for his tweaks
NVSE team for NVSE