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The successor of the rugged Pip-Boy 2000 (as seen in Fallout 1 & 2) and the predecessor to the more recent arm-mounted Pip-Boy 3000. This is the Pip-Boy 2500.

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This mod requires New Vegas Script Extender!

Are you a classic Fallout fan? Or do you just want a change of scenery when you press your personal information processor to your face? No matter the reason, you owe it to yourself to try the Pip-Boy 2500 today!

The Pip-Boy 2500 is the successor of the rugged Pip-Boy 2000 and the predecessor to the more recent Pip-Boy 3000. This mod will replace your arm-mounted Pip-Boy 3000 with the handheld Pip-Boy 2500. The 3000's accompanying glove will also be removed.

The Pip-Boy 2500 was designed with a larger and wider screen than the 2000 model. The 2500, unlike the 3000, operates using a series of visible vacuum tubes and boasts a more traditional design.


If you're having trouble with NVSE or just don't like animations in this version, try the Pip-Boy 2500A instead.

1. Start the Nexus Mod Manager.
2. Download the file and install/enable it in the Mod Manager.
3. Load your game and wait for a message to appear in the top-left corner that tells you the Pip-Boy 2500 has been activated.
4. Press your Pip-Boy key (Default: Tab) to view your "new" Pip-Boy 2500.
5. Go to the ITEMS section and enter the AID tab. Find and use the [RobCo Pip-Boy 2500 Widget] to configure your new PIP. You will be able to activate various fixes as well as modify how large the Pip-Boy appears on-screen (FOV) when you use this widget.

Don't forget that you can change your Pip-Boy screen colour in your Options > Display menu. Change it to GREEN for the retro look!

If you're running on a low resolution, you may not be able to hit the STATS/ITEMS/DATA buttons with your mouse. If so, use the F1/F2/F3 keys to switch between these menus to get to the [RobCo Pip-Boy 2500 Widget] to change the FOV.


You must follow these instructions exactly, or your Pip-Boy may become glitched!

1. Use the in-game tool to uninstall. Quick-save and quit the game. Uninstall the mod in your mod manager, this should remove the .ESP and the animation files (.KF).
2. Start the game again and confirm that the Pip-Boy 3000 and your original wrist-look animations have returned.

If so, skip to step 4.
If not, continue on to step 3.

3. If your original Pip-Boy wrist look animations have not returned, do NOT save, quit the game, and manually delete following folders and files:

Upon loading the game again, if the actual Pip-Boy 3000 is not visible on your wrist, try typing player.additem 00015038 into the console. Then, type player.equipitem 00015038 to equip the Pip-Boy 3000.

4. If everything is fine, make another quick-save (or full save) and restart the game to finish uninstallation.

Video Tutorial of Installation/Uninstallation:


My left wrist/forearm is all twisted up! or There's a blank space where my Pip-Boy 3000 would be in third person mode!

The arm space under where the Pip-Boy 3000 was never meant to be seen. You may see twisted or squished arms and other funny looking things. However, this problem can be completely alleviated by using Vivanto's Pip-Boy Remover mod. Keep in mind that when you're using this mod, you should use the FOV adjuster included with it to modify the Pip-Boy FOV. Also, make sure it is not installed when you try to re-install the Pip-Boy 2500.

The Pip-Boy 2500 is huge! It's covering up my whole screen!

See Step 4 (and the subsequent note) of the installation instructions.

My Pip-Boy is missing after I installed!

If you've installed this mod on a save game that was currently using the Readius or a very old version of the Pip-Boy 2500, you may find that your Pip-Boy is missing and you will be looking at your empty palm every time you try to pull up the Pip-Boy.

If this is the case, you must be sure to completely before updating. Consult the uninstallation instructions above.

Otherwise, it's possible that the scripts did not initiate properly, so try going into your console (by pressing the ~ button) and typing in player.additem XX000ADE 1 to add the 2500 to your inventory, then type player.equipitem XX000ADE to equip it. Of course, replace the XX with the load order number of this mod.

I uninstalled but I'm still looking at my empty hand!

Consult Step 3 of the uninstallation instructions above.

I uninstalled but I don't have my Pip-Boy 3000! It's gone!

Consult the latter half of Step 3 in the uninstallation instructions above.

I'm having problems with looping sounds and clothing being re-equipped constantly!

If you're using the Pip-Boy Remover mod I recommended, make sure that mod is deactivated before installing this mod from scratch!

Also, according to other players, this problem can also be linked to some role-playing mods.

The following tip is from Mouzie.

"The problem is attempting to access your Pipboy before you're given it. Because of the role-play mods, you don't get anything as the game already assumes you have the Pip-Boy 3000. The simple fix: Enable the Pip-Boy 2500 mod AFTER the character creation stage and you're in the world for roleplaying mod, and make sure to NOT USE the Pip-Boy BEFORE giving it to yourself. In Doc Mitchell's house, DO NOT USE the Pipboy. If you try and bring it up, the script screws it up badly and you start to get the constant clothing re-equipping error. Only way to fix this completely is to start a new game."


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