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Adds 13 new beverages to the Mojave Wasteland.

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Missing Drinks!

Ever picked a lovely Carrot, Pear, or Mutfruit and wondered what to do with it?
Thirsty in the wasteland from a brutal DUST or Survival playthrough?

You've come to the right mod page! 
Introducing "Missing Drinks". This mod adds 13 new drinks (Juices and Teas) to the wasteland, all craftable via the campfire menu. 
These drinks have several positive benefits during a survival playthrough. Some providing simple thirst and hunger benefits, while others increase certain skills or SPECIAL stats. The drinks, as well as their effects are listed below. 

***Note: All drinks require 1 purified water, and either 1 or 2 of the title ingredient (Depending on the version you download)***

  • Broc Flower Tea: -50 Thirst, +50 HP, -5 Starvation 
  • Datura Tea: -50 Thirst, +15 HP, +1 Unarmed (2mins), Restore All Limbs
  • Apple Juice: -50 Thirst, -10 Starvation, +15 HP
  • Dandy Boy Apple Juice: -50 Thirst, -5 Starvation +15 HP
  • Pear Juice: -50 Thirst, -10 Starvation, +15 HP
  • Carrot Juice: -50 Thirst, -10 Starvation, +15 HP
  • Honey Mesquite Tea: -50 Thirst, -10 Starvation, +15 HP
  • Banana Yucca Juice: -50 Thirst, -10 Starvation, +15 HP
  • Barrel Cactus Juice: -50 Thirst, -5 Starvation, +10 HP, +1 Endurance (2mins)
  • Mutfruit Juice: -50 Thirst, -10 Starvation, +10 HP
  • Crunchy Mutfruit Tea: -50 Thirst, -5 Starvation, +10 HP, +250 Rad Resistance (90sec)
  • Nevada Agave Tea: -50 Thirst, -5 Starvation, +10 HP
  • Prickly Pear Cactus Juice: -50 Thirst, -10 Starvation, +10HP, +1 Charisma (90sec)

Install via your favorite Mod Manager. If you prefer a manual install, simply drop the .esp into your fnv/data folder. 
This should be compatible with all major mods, NVSE plugins and player-created patches. I have test run this mod in a vanilla game, as well as a 253+ plugin load order, so we should be all good. In saying that, please let me know of any incompatibilities you come across!

This is kind of a companion for two of my other mods, Missing Meats and Simple Cooked Meats. They aren't requirements by any means, but work well all together.

I hope you enjoy this mod as much as I did making it, and you find these little additions helpful throughout your journey of the Mojave.

If you feel like dropping a donation, Buy Me a Coffee!

cheers for reading the whole description, you're the real MVP

Thanks, Baalberith9160
Just another quick note, I wanted to thank XRL890 for the idea! Much appreciated my guy :)