Fallout New Vegas
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A skeleton with compatibility for the latest mods

Permissions and credits
- If you have multiple mods that use skeletons, load this mod as LAST, so that it will overwrite everything.
- If there is a mod that uses a custom skeleton that is somehow incompatible, please post a message in the comments and we'll see about getting it added.
- You can now choose between a FOMOD installation (under Main File >>> install with mod manager), which includes all the versions, or three separated versions (under Optional >>> install with mod manager or manually).


- If you would like to modify this skeleton or are working on a mod that will include skeleton modifications, let us know (actual page ownership: Kicho666, Xilandro, deedes , Allnarta and Fallout2AM)

Patched for:
- Ragdolls
- Xilandro's mods (Head Tracking, Quickthrow, Inertia, Bow & Arrow, Diagonal Movement etc.)
- One Man Army
- Titans of the New West
- FAFF (more in general facial expressions through idles)
- BnB (more in general any armor or dress which is rigged with breast bones)
- v.4 AlexScorpion Nightvision Googgles
- High Heels
- v.9 Apollo v4+ 
- v.9 Vulpine Race (more in general rigged Tails)
- Rigged genitals
- v.9 - optional added CBBE NV compatibility: if you use CBBE NV, use this instead of the Main File. Thanks to Darkaxt for this!
- v.10 DarianStephens' Jan/Feb 2021 update for B42 Inertia
- v.11 Frontier compatibility (bow)
- v.11 FOMOD enabled for Fallout 3
- v.12 360 Movement
- v.13 B42 Bow and Arrow
Also per common questions, there shouldn't be problems with:
- NVR3
- Robert N Male Fallout 3
- Daughters of Ares

Xilandro, Kicho666, C16, Deedes, Astymma, Wooombat, Thaumx, Axepriest, CGi, ZZJay, 7th Nighthawk, Warez, Nessa, ANewFranz etc.etc. and everyone who made and still makes this game amazing.