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Plays animation when using chems.

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5/28/15 Update: In v0.6, fixed animation artifact occurring with psycho animation for some players.

This mod adds 3rd person animations to the game's main chems. Requires NVSE.

There are minor alterations to gameplay that you should be aware of, namely that chems are not used instantly, but after a short duration as the animation plays out, and that you must wait until the animation is complete before you can use another chem. Also be aware that you will no longer be able to see the effect magnitude of stimpaks, Radaway, and Rad-X by hovering over them with the cursor in your Pip-Boy. Further gameplay options are configurable using the MCM.

It should be compatible with Project Nevada and chem crafting mods that don't change the base effects of chems. It is not compatible with CAM or Better Living Through Chems. Sorry—there are just too many chems in those mods for me to script them all! You should be able to use it at the same time as Enhanced Camera without conflict, however the animations will still not play in 1st person unfortunately. A stimpak-only version of the mod is available for players who want the stimpak animation but do not want to change the rest of their chems.

This mod comes with a bonus mod called High on Life, which adds a level 4 perk of the same name that increases your AP regeneration by 20% when you have not used any chems in the past 24 hours. It also adds another level 4 perk called So Deep, Man, which grants you +1 perception when you have the effects of three or more chems active at once.

The main mod contains assets from FAFF by Axepriest. Thanks Axepriest!